6 months ago

If you could recommend anything to me, what would it be?

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Get as many life experiences as you can. Try everything once.

  1. Learn From mistakes of Others
  2. Your First Priority should be your Family.
  3. Don't care about Everyone's Opinion.
  4. Have some Haters in Life, because it will motivate you perform better.

take good care of your teeth.

If you have any means to save up a little money and travell, that is the best thing I can recomend.

See other cultures and parts of the world, maybe you won’t have the chance to do it later in Life, so there’s no time like the present to plan a trip!

maybe you will be inspired to learn a new language or to move to a new place?

Wait before giving confidence to a person, when you decide to do so will be enough a simple gesture, but once done you can not go back.

Join yoga classes , atleast 5 days a week. You will feel tremendous difference in yourself both physically and mentally.

Watch The Matrix Trilogy once again!

Be happy.

Meditate every day, no matter what. I generally feel so much better when I consistently meditate in the mornings. It becomes so much easier to love myself and others around me. I recommend the app Headspace as a start.

Do yoga Daily and you will see change for ourself in your life