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If you could teach the entire world just one concept, what would it be?

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If we could all feel empathy towards others less fortunate, to really put ourselves in someone else’s shoes, I think that would help bring peace and prosperity to the world.

Most humans want to help others, and are basically decent!
unfortunately a small amount of people without empathy often seek out power and fortune on the backs of others.

They just dont don’t care about poeple
other than themselves, or maybe their direct family members, it’s very sad!

Many Blessings

You gave my answer in your question. If I had to teach something to the world I would teach them the concept of humanity and its benefits. It might seem in the beginning that thinking just about self-interests is beneficial. However, it never is in the long run. If people can truly understand and have love for each other there would be no borders. Think about it you could travel to any country without the hassle of a visa and without worrying about safety issues.
What comes around goes around - you're going to get the kind of behavior you put out into the world, so if you do a lot of good for others, there's more good that's going to befall you.

Just help everyone, be nice to every, give respect take respect.
But don't be so nice, be wise!
This is not a heaven, it's war zone!
Prepare your self for each and every obstacle.
"Buy when  there's blood  in the streets, even if the  blood  is your own."

Be soft and kind enough with everyone whether you are rich or poor .

The concept of being Universal.
How would the world be if there was no distinction about race, religion or caste?
Maybe not perfect, but not worse than what it is today.
And this is the root cause of a thousand other problems.
The most important things in life are free! So why do we put most of or energy into everything else.
What is worth more that our family, friends, community and your peace of mind(mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically).
Be respectful of others no matter their race or religion. Put those aside, we are all the same. Peace!