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If you didn't have to care about money at all, how would you spend your time?

What would you spend your time on, in your ideal world?

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Well, thats a very interesting and also very difficult to answer. Why difficult to answer? Because so far we have taken our most of the critical decisions in pursuit of more resources whether its about how we live, or what we wear or what we eat. And all of this are very much determined by how much money a person has.

Now, if we remove money as a variable out of our life, then suddenly time becomes very valuable. And now, instead of spending money, you can only spend time. If this happens, I would be interested to spend my time on

  1. Traveling around the world
  2. Learning and becoming expert in cutting-edge technologies like VR, AI
  3. Reading the best books available in history, cosmos, life evolution
  4. And so on until finally ending up in the existential crisis due to absence of any visible purpose :):)

Doing charity all over the world.

Investing my money on innovations.

Play darts and nanoquake

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Reading, Building, Creating, Helping, Painting, Learning, Exploring...what not?!!! BASICALLY BEING HUMANE!

Feed my curiosities - exploring how the world works and why it works the way it does.

My life would become a project of self improvement. I would choose different goals in terms of self improvement and would pursue them one by one. But the most important thing would be to spend time with closest people as much as possible. There are things that come and go - but close relationships are the ones you can't replace and you have limited time with.


I'd go into music/art

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I would spend my time getting to know new cultures, religions, environments, among others.
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I really like Physics so I think I will begin to study it more in detail and almost full time. I have an engineering background but I always been fascinated by the universe and by natural phenomena.

I would like to travel the world by making long road trips.

I would like to have a space to share with friends and where I can train in boxing and other martial arts.