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If you had $1 million to invest, what would you invest it in?

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Honestly? In myself, my hobbies and my pleasure.

I would ski, snorkel, sail, play tennis, learn to fly a plane, read a lot, travel and learn foreign languages. Ultimately, it would lead to me having a variety of interests that I enjoy doing. What would be the upside of that? Well, it would give me the opportunity to be able to do the things I love for money for the rest of my life.

Somebody needs a tennis coach? Here I am.
Somebody wants to go sailing? I'm your skipper!
I want to spend a winter in the mountains - hell yea, I can be a ski instructor.

You can make the smartest investments in the world and the economy can still kill you. The only true investment is investment in ourselves and it is shocking that we are rarely able to see that.

I do that every day with little money I can spare and it makes me extremely happy and fulfilled. I'd do the same with a million, 10 million or 100 million bucks.
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I guess bunch of people here will tell you to invest in crypto. I won't say anything against it (I'm investing in crypto too), but I would NEVER invest entire budget in crypto. I would probably diversify it like this:
  • $200.000 in crypto (I would probably invest 60% of that sum in the CMC top 20 projects; the rest in the low market cap projects where gains could be higher, but also the risk is higher)
  • $400.000 in apartments that I would then rent out
  • $100.000 in stocks
  • $300.000 in gold (bunch of people are saying that in year 2019 we will face another financial crisis and if that happens, there is nothing better to invest into than gold).
I would probably put it into unmanaged index funds... there is a lot of research that shows that that is the safest and surest way to make money.

Personal investments would be done out the interest earned on the funds.

A few people have mentioned real estate. Thing is, typically a mortgage is at a much lower rate than the rate of return on unmanaged index funds, so you can use the banks money to buy real estate and then pay it with the money you get from the market. That way you are using passive money to generate more money... and of course the reality is you are probably paying the mortgage with the rents you earn, but the very fact that you have this large investment means the bank is wililng to loan you money.

Other people are saying invest in crypto. Well, no. Look, I love cryptocurrency, but it's primary value isn't as a vehicle for speculation but as a vehicle for commerce and trade.
I would buy 6-7 flats from my country and with renting profit I would already sustain myself or "free" myself from daily work to concentrate on non-profit projects or other business. With the leftover 200-300k I would buy one more flat for myself to live in, 100k divided between few of the top 10 cryptos (XLM, BTC etc.) and lastly would use the last 100k to help my parents in achieving what they want to do with their lives.

In short, wise invesments to continue building wealth while gaining more freedom and helping parents out.
Were to Invest 1million??

One thing you need to do is Distributed Investment of wealth.
Others would Definitely say Investing in Crypto is Like gambling, because they don't know what is Crypto Currency and how it works.

Invest some part of Your money in Educating yourself about Cryptocurrency, Stocks and shares and Mutual Funds(MF).

One Good thing to do is to Buy Cryto when it hits low or in bearish market. Stellar was down to 0.09 in Dec 18 but was trading 0.13$ in Jan 2019 which decent 10 to 15%. So I would suggest Keeping 25% to invest in Cryptocurrency.

25% to Buy stocks and shares of new companies and subsidiaries of Famous Companies.

25% Real Estate investment which would be only to invest in Plots not in Built Homes or Mansions.

25% to Invest in a Small Startup like a Blogging Website or Informational Website or own Web Hosting Company.

What not to invest IN??

It would be extremely Foolish to Buy New Fancy cars and Bikes.

Buy House but don't put down more than 5% to it.

Don't spend money on Girls, Parties and Drugs.

Don't ever Buy Flats.

Invest in myself. I would hire programmers to help me build a program, while I worked on marketing and design of what the program would be used with. (Already doing the second part. Free-Ninety-Free for sweat labor). But I don't know how to code, and especially to the level I want this program to be. So I would have to invest quite a bit into programmers for that. and still have some for building the physical aspects of the product.

Also i'll invest 1.9% in XRP, 3% in BTC, 5% In ETH, 5.5% in XLM.
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Given the economy, I would wait to invest and dollar cost average stocks on the way down. While crypto is a moonshot with high risk high reward, it's high risk high reward.
20 % in crypto
40 % in real estate
10 % stocks
20 % Gold
10 % Uranium
I'll invest on apartment for rent and buying land properties to sell it in the next couple of years.
I would definitely invest 0.5 million dollars in Forex (accounts with reputed brokers), which I could double in around 3 – 4 months. I would diversify the 0.5 million among 3–4 very good account managers and this would be my only serious investment. Remaining money would be kept in savings or CD accounts, the super low returns of which I won’t care. In case of any black swan events which is super rare and any of my forex account gets wiped off, I re-start the next day with my cash savings.