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If you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do with your time?

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  1. First I would send a message to all my loved ones, saying that I appreciate and thank them for everything and for every second we spent together! In special of course to my parents, brothers and best friends!
  2. Second I would write instructions to donate everything I have, and help as many people as possible with it!
  3. Third I would try to make the most out of my day! No tears, no remorse! Would take my lovely little yorkie Nina and my wife and head to the funniest place we could find! It maybe a park or the beach! We could even go to one of Orlandos Theme parks if my wife wanted!
Hookers and cocaine
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Things which I would do on my last day of life-
  1. Dance like crazy with my friends
  2. Spend time with my Mom and Dad
  3. Long walk on a beech with my Boy Friend
  4. Donate for many social causes( according to my bank balance)
  5. Donate my organs
  6. Eat Ice Cream
Volunteer in the time machine test launch.
  1. Write my will.
  2. Check all my accounts, nominate people if there is no nomination,
  3. Share my account details like passwords, etc with my family.
  4. Call up friends, tell them they meant a lot, thank them for their time.
  5. Thank my parents, sit and console them assuming they will be sad.
  6. Treat my girlfriend with a "Final date".
  7. Tell my enemies they can live in peace now.
  8. Meditate to help myself calm down.
  9. Be ready with questions for God, if I get a chance to meet God just in case.
  10. Announce on Social Media 5 hours before death.
  11. Write a letter/make a video scheduled to go live after my death. So it can become famous.
  12. Call an Uber luxury and go around town.
I would invest the time in planning some things for After I go,

1. Scare the shit out of my friends even years after I die.
2. Send Gifts and flowers to my loved ones for rest of the years to come.
3. Leave Easter Eggs everywhere I can.
4. Making different video clips to be released on different occasions . (Birthday wishes, Marriage wishes, Random Gyan)
5. Invest every bit of my wealth for my loved ones (whole 1200 Rs).

And there is quite a big list which I don't want to reveal, for now,
let there be some suspense┬á­čśť

Sorry for the long post,
here is a picture of happy potato

(Potato tax)
I particularly never want my Mom, Dad and Sister to see me Die( No parents wants that).So I would Go to an Unknown place and Die in Peace.

Next is All my account passwords and Information about where all I have invested Money in with a WILL I belongs only to my Family. ( I will make this Courier reach Home)

i Would like to try WEED Particularly Mango and Mallige Flavors in remaining time.

Just have a breakfast and lunch with family. Before that though make video recordings of my statements regarding my properties and personal possessions so that no one faces any problems.Then if possible do the will in writing but i don't think that can done so fast. (Handover my book containing process to recover crypto portfolio in a simple way with my private keys. Give them details and proof regarding exact amount and caution them about safety of documents.) Tell my trustworthy friend knowledgeable in cryptos to help my family if they face any issues. Just spend some time with pets. Then spend the day outside with family in a memorable place i prefer to be in. Preferably silent but not too dull. Later visit the beach in the evening with family for the final glimpse. Have a simple dinner and sit outside just thinking of all the wins and losses and missed chances and get ready for the final breaths that remain.
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I think I would use drugs, maybe Ayahuasca
1.Consider what's next beyond the .....
2.Find those who mean the most to me.
3.Go skydiving.
4.Try w**d!

Really when it comes down to it, I guess the question author is asking what is the meaning of life. In a word.