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If you had to change your name, what would it be, and why would you choose that?

Have you ever given this a thought...?

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I always wanted to be called as Chandrashekar. It is my Grandfather's name and I love him so much.

I even made my mind to change my name to it after 18, so my name was Vishwas only in Attendance book and I made all my friends call me as Chandrashekar. After 18 I felt there is no need to change name as it involved lot Legal work to be done.

People Village Still recognize how naughty I was and Still even after 15 years of his demise they call me GRAND SON OF Chandrappa or Gowdru or Shekra.

I'd like to make it to Ayush V Maheshwari - V is the initial letter of my Father's name. I was given this name at work due to another Ayush Maheshwari present in the organization but somehow I feel connected to this name as I can connect to his working style day in day out and I feel proud that I have the same attitude towards work like my father did. :)

Signing Off - Ayush V Maheshwari

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William Footling. i made a small comic years ago and named the main character William Footling.


I'm Irish and I like it!

Warren Buffet. So I can go to the bank and transfer all of his balance to my account :D

I would like to change it to

"27 others"

so when I like someones post on social media, they get a notification "some name and 27 others liked your post"


I think William could be a great name. I think that's a name that most people associate with people who are respected.

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I would change my legal name to Satoshi Nakamoto

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i love my name and i will never ever gonna change my name at any of cost.