6 months ago

If you had to learn a new foreign language, which one would it be?

Any particular reason(s) for the choice?

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to talk to machines, not snakes.

Spanish for sure. I already know French and Japanese so this would be a fresh change and a lot of people speak Spanish.

I already know English, but I would love to learn Spanish. I don't have any other reason than because of their sexy Spanish girls :)

I have always thought of giving a try to learn German language. Because I would like relocate their in future. Russian and Chinese language would help get more translation works

Going by the number of people speak chinese, It has to chinese.

Chinese. I read this great article on medium called It’s probably time to learn Chinese.

High Valyrian, to be special and different


Urdu poetries, stories, songs are just awesome and have very deep philosophical meaning. Learning language as well as culture will definitely be an serene experience.

Japanese. I watch a lot of anime

I would have to choose Chinese, it would be fun to bust out some Chinese but also for practicality and job qualifications it would be good im sure.

I would like to learn Italian - I just like the way it sounds and it’s close to Spanish so maybe it would be easy?