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If you had to suggest Elon Musk one more field to get into, which one would it be?

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Elon, Mr. Musk,
if you read this please after the BFR can you do...

  • Water cleaning technology that is super effective and efficient with low or no energy usage.
Probably some crazy metamaterial that could collect all impurities with a simple gravity feed of 1 meter through a nem rain filter. Thanx E!
  • Second would probably have to be repeatable, successful, organic methods of soil repairs and revitalization, we have to change our agriculture, and our soil has been ruined by years of abuse from modern conventional agriculture. For reforestation we would also have to learn better techniques of enhancing soil life and health.
(Well those are a couple of my thoughts on the matter.)

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Cryptocurrency, although Elon Musk has made a conscious decision to enter into the cryptocurrency world with his startup organization, The Boring Company that now accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Elon also approached the developer of DogeCoin, Jackson Palmer, to assist him in looking for a solution that would eradicate the influence of scammers and robots that are in plenty on Twitter tarnishing his name by stealing his identity to commit cybercrimes.

Environmental biotechnology.

Biotechnology  can help us boost production in an environmentally sustainable way.” ... “One of the most significant benefits of using biotech crops is the reduction in on-farm energy use and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from no-till farming practices.
Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. Both of these fields are going to be defining the future. I believe both technologies can either take humanity to new heights or destroy it.
Blockchain and Bio technology.