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If you were in charge of your country, how would you fix it?

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Fantastic!!! This is what i have always wanted!!!

my country - India, is doing great.. or so it seems...
There is no doubt that the country is on a path to progression however all the progress was majorly due to foreign inflows and now a more decent mix of domestic and foreign flow of capital and consumption dynamics. But that is Macro Economic scenario.

That is a different playground altogether... When it comes to normal, everyday living here there is plenty left to be desired...

Starting with the education system where all schools throughout the country need to have core subjects with practicals for all children in all ages groups throughout their school lives of having mutual respect for each other and people in general and also how to be helpful and resourceful in any crisis situation...

Education would emphasize on aptitude and attitude and to become a preparatory stage in a more inclusive and comprehensive way for future jobs and professions.

Income taxes would be ZERO and all collection would be in form of indirect taxes with encouragement for savings and investments.

Accountability checks for everyone especially govt. officials. Drilling the idea of service for public instead of harassing people by virtue of having discretionary powers bestowed on the officials and making sure that the pay is also as good and good enough for comfortable family sustenance..

NO Tolerance for any crime... be it traffic, theft, rape, violence, financial fraud etc..whatever.. everything and anything which is done against the law would have an extremely strict minimum punishment..

many more issues.. but will leave it here!!!

If i were president, i would focus on the central issue that will carry this country into the future, which is education. Education, although a long-term investment, will benefit this nation better than bailouts, mandatory health care coverage for children, also investment in new energy sources.
1) The most urgent problem we are currently contributing to is global environmental destruction.
If we don't address this issue first, we won't be around to fix anything else, in just a short handful of years.

Going hand in hand with this,

2) Resource management. Did you know that the United States has more than enough homes to house every single homeless person, and throws away more than enough food to feed every homeless veteran? (Globally, we also produce more than 1 1/2 times the amount of food it takes to keep the whole planet fed.)

Most people don't realize we already have all the resources we need to achieve change. Oftentimes, it is because of money, in one way or another, that we stay stuck, that people stay sick, homeless, or hungry. It's not that money is a bad thing. But I would want boundaries placed around how we use it - that it should not interfere with people's safety, health or basic needs.
Get rid of Banking monopoly in Uk and make the remaining ones back money with Gold.
Re assess the education system in uk to be relevant to todays world.
Ban plastic food wrapping ,all of it.
Divide uk roads into heavy goods and cars seperate.
Build new roads just for segways and bicycles and use tax incentives to make people use them.
Make ALL public transport free and pay for it with the lottery.
Make trains and busses segway and bike friendly.
Make the retirement age 55 ,more jobs for the young.
Make a 3 1/2 day working week.Half do the first part of the week half the latter part hence no unemployment and a 7 day working week ,an edge over the other nations.
Make the cost of housing no more than 2 x average wage/year .And cap rents similar nature.Write off any negative equity as a result.
Make the bbc end its monopoly and charge subscription like netflix.
Get rid of 70% of administration in councils and hospitals.
Make one side of pavements for bikes painted yellow and other for walkers,instant bike lanes!
Have jubilee system worldwide for debt every 70 years.
I could go on and on

If i were president i would stop the inappropriate and nasty arguing and fighting between politicians of different parties. If we are ever going to be able to solve this country’s problems, we have to get the Democrats and Republicans working together and stop the petty arguing.
I sure will jail all the politicians for life, and confiscate their properties acquired through embezzling of national funds.
I would make a radical change in how the bureaucracy works in my country. By implementing blockchain. The election can be held using blockchain, minimize the fraudulence. The supply chain will confirmed in blockchain so it Will avoid cartel slowly. The land owner record is saved in the Blockchain so we can prevent land mafia.
There would surely be a coup. I will get ride of all politicians and reform the constitution especially death sentence for corrupt politicians
I would focus on fighting crime but not by just putting offenders in prison but try to make them productive citizens the next would be to push the countries resources which we have plenty off to benefit more than just the elite few
I would reflect the mind of the people and be fiscally conservative while socially liberal, I would protect the working class from soulless corporations, immigration would be balanced with the native natural population, so that integration could happen, and mass immigration would not happen changing the native western mindset, and our culture would be preserved for future generations to enjoy, I do not believe any of this is being done right now.