If your hobby suddenly became your permanent, full time job, how would your life change?

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My life would be much more full of enjoyment, and if the pay was good it could also decrease my stress levels and increase my overall health and well-being.
Plus the benefits would positively effect my other family members.
It would be a great blessing to make a decent living by doing this and Wildlife and landscape photography.
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If someone is ready to Pay for

Playing Badminton, Cricket ( I'm good in almost all Sports😏😏) then I don't mind if every day is Monday.
Apart from that Photography, travelling and making Videos in Wild is what I Like the Most!!!!.
This is just like your dream comes true.
It will be a win-win situation for me and my employer both as I will be giving my 100% to my job with joy and happiness as well as I will not have stressful life also.
I think everyone should have a purpose for their life. If your favorite hobby became your career, it would become your passion for life.

This type of situation would have to be managed. You don't want the thing that makes you happy, turning into something negative. You need to be the person controlling how much work you do. Like a startup or freelance type of job.

Most people are not that fortunately. Unfortunately we settle for the most money.

Then I would have to search for more hobbies. 🀣🀣🀣