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Is adulthood really harder than adolescence? Why or why not?

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It's harder, adolescence everything is decided for you, where you live, where you go to school, your religion, you don't have to worry about money. Adulthood you are basically on your own to decide what you want to do with your life, make money, pay your own way in everything you do.
It is Because of some reasons:

  1. You Now have some responsiblity
  2. You have to earn your hard money now
  3. You have to know the world by yourself ,parents won't!
  4. You have to make your own decisions for your future.

In Adolescens ;

No Worries
For future, Just go to the school
Play and study
You still get whatever you need no money to earn

Enjoy your life:)

In some ways adulthood is harder because -

• Some people start depending on you now.
• You've a set of responsibilities.
• You have to work for money becuase now your dad is not gonna give you pocket money.

Being adult is harder. There are no more “oh, it’s okay, you’re still young, you’ll learn” consolation when you fucked up.
Adolescence is much harder than adulthood.
If you are an adult, once you have to find a good job and then your whole life is set
In adolescence, you have to go and ask your parents everyday to sign your class test copy. They will ask what was the highest in the class. What marks people sitting beside you have got? But you can never tell them that all can't get the 1st rank, only one can get it. You can never tell them that I want to become a doctor or an engineer and therefore you will never benefit from knowing when, where and with whom xyz king had fought or the climatic conditions of all the parts of the world. And if you are very unfortunate, you might also get thrashed up for scoring bad in those subjects
Adulthood is harder yes so much responsibly and appearances to keep up with.
Adolescents well u basically just having fun learning to control your emotions
Higher demands in life leading to stress! Now that I’m financially stable, I start to pursue better lifestyle for myself and my family. In order to upkeep, I work hard. I work harder. To the point of exhaustion - why? (It’s no longer the case, but it used to be like this)
Adolescence: is harder

As you are clueless about what you really want to do in your life and same time hormones take control on your body.

In adulthood you are pretty mature and can make your own choices easily due to better understand ing of world and your needa
yes, because you're no longer depending on other people, but just yourself
Yes it is. When you are a child, you don't have to think about paying the bills or your house mortgage. You only know what to do to have fun. You are even oblivious to what is happening around you. But when you are an adult, the responsibility gets bigger by the day. You find yourselves working late hours just to make ends meet. You take on yoyr role as the man of the family. You take care of you family and community. You have to pay taxes, settle problems and other things that will make children weep in their pants 😂