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Is climate change a real threat? How should we address it?

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It definitely is. Each individual must do their part to reverse these effects (and sadly, maybe even that won't be enough - but we must try). We all need to think about every little decision we make and whether it aligns with a long-term sustainable plan for our survival on this planet.
I recommend the book The Slight Edge which details this principle. Small, incremental actions multiplied many times aggregate into monumental changes over time.
An easy way to think about this, is to consider your personal health and your family first. Consider simple things like,

  1. Air quality at home.
  2. The water that your shower with, and brush your teeth with.
  3. The chemical/bleach you wash your clothes with
  4. products you use on your skin and hair

Do any of these, present a threat to your family? I think this is were we start.
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Climate change could be a real threat in coming years which has already started showing some red alerts.
  1. Melting of glaciers risking lot of island nations and killing of glaciers ecosystem.
  2. Rise in average temperatures around the world.
  3. Extreme temperatures in winters and summers.
  4. Irregular rainfall pattern.

I believe that for every problem, there are some low hanging fruits which can be achieved with low efforts
  1. Reducing consumption of resources by minimizing waste and reusing as much as possible.
  2. Planting trees in front of your own house.
  3. Run your AC at not lower than 25 deg C
  4. Use cycle or walk as much as possible
  5. Use public transport for commuting or avoid using personal cars for less than 3 travellers
  6. Conserve and recycle water
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No its not. It’s the government manipulating weather with lasers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct2Byjisplk&feature=youtu.be
Absolutely, even if it’s not, finding alternative energy sources and being green is harmless
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The most important is climate is now changing faster than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities.
Climate change is bound to happen as we are utilising resources very speedily and not focusing to create or giving back to nature what we should.
We can contribute as an individual also by following some of the below points.
  • Reduction in fuel usages. By living closure to work. Walking to work place . Using cycle etc.
  • Reducing electricity usages and increasing use of alternate energy like solar energy.
  • Stop cutting down trees 🌲 and helping tree plantation where ever is possible.
  • Be vegetarians to balance the nature.