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Is it fun to answer questions for reward?

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It is fun until someone else reads the already provided answer and improvize it or provide further details and gets the reward instead of the originator.


It could be an optional choice based pay so the poster pays select people who he wants to pay, its very good though!

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It is very satisfactory indeed, at least for the time being. Normal people getting incentives to tell their normal tales! Feels like a lot of fun. I'm scared though what happens when big boys come in and take our chances of getting any rewards. Rewards are quite essential for this platform and therefore it remains to be seen what happens when they get harder to get.

Game on!


Yes I love getting rewarded for posting online


It is fun to be rewarded for answering questions. But it is important that you reward people who give the right answers. Also important to make sure that people are not copying a previously given answer just so that they make money.

It's also important that the users know who gets rewarded and how that decision is arrived at. Is it the most popular answer, the most correct answer according to the moderator, the most correct answer according to the person who raised the question etc. Each of these are different and all of them have their pros and cons.

It would also be great to have a system where you penalize those who spam posts.

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It is already fun to troll answers on other query sites. Imagine if you can troll and get reward at the same time.

On a serious note, rewards encourage better quality responses. People will ensure to give you the best answer they can give because they know that their efforts can be reciprocated.

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Very fun, being excited to help the community and receive an actual reward to do so unlike Quora.

Quore For $$!

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It is fun, since there isn't a whole lot of traffic just yet and it can genuinely be a cool experience interacting and connecting with others on a platform like this and sharing opinions with no strings attached.

I imagine if the rewards would become high in the future it would become less entertaining on both sides since the incentive structure would raise the stakes resulting in many participants trying to "game" the system somehow. Compare early YouTube to current YouTube.


It's great getting a reward. However the real value can come, when this turns into a community. when we start to see a feedback loop. if someone comes back and says, the answer really helped.

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It can be fun!

if it is an interesting subject, and I expand my own understanding by writing about it, then even if I don’t win the reward it is a good experience.

If I spend a long time crafting a thoughtful response and don’t win that can be a bummer too but usually it’s positive for me.