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Is it the best time to buy bitcoin? why and why not?

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No one can really answer this as it would require seeing the future. However, if you believe in bitcoin, now would be a good time to start accumulating IMO. The bear market isn't over so I think the smartest people would be buying some at today's prices, but holding some money back in case we still have lower prices to come (also known as laddering).

It takes so little money to move the crypto market from a global perspective that you don't want to miss the start of the bull run, but buying here and seeing your investment value possibly drop in half or more still is not going to be good for the psychological health of a new investor.

Short term bitcoin is gambling, long term I love bitcoin and think, if you are planning on just buying a bunch to cold storage away and forget about, blowing your wad at these prices wouldn't be bad move.

Please note: I am not a financial professional.

Timing the market, is never a good idea. You show never move into, or out of the market too fast.
Split you total investment into five or more parts. These amounts should range from 2% - 50%.

Consider investing each part, over time, looking at how much the investment has fallen.
Of course consider the fact that, no matter what the price is, it still can fall by 50%.

You should start with the smallest amount first.
The "best time" is a relative concept. Best time for what? Quick and exponential gain? Probably not.

But if you believe int he technology, more than you believe in the financial gains, if you see a use case for you in bitcoin, maybe yes because it is in a historic low value and people are still implementing new ways of using your bitcoins everyday, in day to day payments and in some revolutionary ways.
Based on the 'Technical Analysis' from people who thinks and considers themselves as experts suggest that the price will go higher in 2020, right now we are in a kind of bottom where we do not expect it to fall further down.

If are are still unsure, read the above line again. You will find words like 'suggest', 'expect' etc. Anyways you can still go ahead and buy if you believe in crypto.
DO NOT CROWDSOURCE OPINIONS ON THIS TOPIC. CONTACT EXPERTS ONLY. Because of many ill informed people, some take bad decisions and then ultimately blame the blockchain domain. So please take "good" decisions and dont regret.
On one hand, yes its the best time to buy bitcoins now as its very cheap. On the other hand its illegal to buy or sell bitcoins in India at the moment. We need to wait for our Govt to formulate some laws to regulate bitcoins here. So best to wait for some more time before investing in bitcoins or other virtual currencies.
yes, because the price of bitcoin is down but I'm sure by the end of 2019 the price of bitcoin will rise again.
Do not take advice from any body Do your own research. Cypto market is manipulated
To be honest, the "best time" was during 2009-2010. :P
there's no "best time" to buy Bitcoins, and I dont believe we will get the "best time" again, ever.

But, yes, this is a good time to buy some bitcoins.
In a market of booms and busts, the period of extreme downfall is a very good time to buy, and the period of extreme euphoria is a very good time to sell and exit, only to re-enter again, later on.
There is always good to invest in bitcoins, just matter of volume acquired by user independently.

My own suggestion is first of all have that much sufficient information and knowledge before making any move towards buying bitcoins. Because having Bitcoins in wallet can return just one time when you sell it to higher price, but extra knowledge and information about trading, staking and other cryptocurrency related services to get partial returns on your investment.
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