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Masmic Marketing Contest Announcement (Sept 17 to Oct 11; 31000 XLMs Prize Pool; No. of Rewards - 428)

First of all, a general note for everyone:

Masmic is now a 54,000+ strong global community and growing rapidly with each passing month. If we keep on growing consistently as a community, by next year, Masmic can overtake Steemit as the most popular crypto social network which currently has around 1.3 million members with a stagnated growth.

As a community, Masmic is our chance to tell the world that crypto is beyond just buying/selling/trading and great usecases are possible using crypto. Also, that you can own crypto not just by mining or buying, but also by earning.

Masmic should be seen as the platform where the world comes to learn and earn at the same time - where good knowledge, opinions and online attention can be monetised!

But we need to work hard as a community to make sure meritocracy is maintained in the platform and those who genuinely give the best answers based on our decentralized voting system get the rewards. So, it's your responsibility as a community member to make sure that your votes go to best answers and report bad answers. And also that you work hard on writing good answers instead of thinking that you can win by writing anything gibberish/mediocre content!

Contest related note:

After observing cheating behavior in the last contest, we were not really planning to come up with another contest. However, we felt that it would be unfair to so many genuine participants just because of the behaviour of a few cheaters!

So, here it is - another contest starting September 17. But this time, we want to give a strict warning beforehand that the internal system is getting better each day and if you are still thinking you can game it to reach higher ranks, then all your efforts and time will go waste. So, it's advisable that you don't participate at all.

For those who want to genuinely participate, you are most welcome and we would infact be grateful for your participation to help Masmic grow further!!

Contest Details:

Masmic Marketing Contest Overview: By participating in upcoming Masmic Marketing Contest, you can win upto 2000 XLMs in addition to the referral rewards normally earned on Masmic.

You can see your relative rank/performance during the whole competition period on Leaderboard Page starting 17th September - https://www.masmic.com/Leaderboard

i) Top 428 users with highest referral earnings earned (during the contest period) will share the total reward pool of 31000 XLMs .
ii) Only referrals acquired during the contest period will be considered for this competition.
iii) Competition will run from 17th September, 2019 06:30AM UTC till 11th October, 2019 06:30AM UTC.
iv) Rewards will be distributed on or before 18th October 2019 06:30AM UTC after detailed audit of winners.

Reward Pool details:
i) Ranks 1 to 3 - 2000 XLMs each (minimum 400 referrals as eligibility criteria)
ii) Ranks 4 to 28 - 400 XLMs each (min. 100 referrals)
iii) Ranks 29 to 128 - 75 XLMs each (min. 25 referrals)
iv) Ranks 129 to 428 - 25 XLMs each (min. 10 referrals)

i) There is no minimum eligibility criteria for referral earnings.
ii) User can be disqualified and eliminated from the competition if any wrongful behaviour or cheating is detected.

This contest is also an opportunity to learn and test your online marketing and persuasion skills which will be helpful to you in future as well.
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Sounds great!Thanks masmic for giving us an opportunity to earn XLM for free .We earned at the same time we learned from this platform
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