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Masmic Product Updates/Announcements; Suggest Future Improvements

The   following new features/updates have been released today :

  1. New sorting options - i) Reward amount, and ii) Number of rewards
  2. Emoji support has been added  (use right click to access)
  3. Balances Page is now separate from Settings Page ( https://www.masmic.com/Balance )
  4. Your current balance will now be visible both in $ and XLM 
  5. Tags/categories buttons will be visible in individual bounty screen
  6. You will be able to see your internal XLM balance when you are putting XLM value for your bounty question
  7. Votes per answer is now limited to 4. The total votes per user per bounty still remains 16.
  8. Masmic Reward Structure is now explained in Masmic FAQ page ( https://goo.gl/E3ZGzr ).
  9. Maximum number of rewards has now been increased from 10 to 20.
  10. You can now refresh or jump to homepage by clicking on Masmic logo.

Please share your feedback so that we know we are moving in the right direction. Also, in our next release, what should we focus on? Anything which can improve your experience further! :)
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Updates are Great.

I Recommend some more Updates.

1. Please Add search Bar
2. Ability to Open Topics in New tab.
3. Flagging Feature for Plagiarism and Reporting Wrong Facts✌️.

I love the new updates, but there is a key one missing: the speed of voting for answers. It is so slow I am very unmotivated to do any of it. I think it would be a terrific boost for the page. Also, increased rewards. I have used the site for a week, and kind of do not feel my effort in answering some question was adequately rewarded.
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Great updates 👍

I will not stop recommending NANO as a payment system, alongside XLM.
Their community is very sociable and small projects are emerging every day, you would be one of the first platforms to offer a use case to the currency and you would enjoy reflected light.

The platform is really good looking, I like the boxes, maybe we can use different colors for questions posted with different tags...

A good thing would be to use an account rank system (like karma on reddit), in order to give early users a sort of recognition. Special rewards for the best authors could also be an idea.

The interactions between users are important and must be shown. Here on Masmic the only type of interactions available is through the comments to the answers, but these are not in sight and you have to press a button to view them. My advice is therefore to give greater visibility to the comments section.

I will keep supporting this platform giving my feedback 👌
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These new features are fine. I suggest following additions in masmic. These are all personal views might or might not be for every other user.
  1. Drafting Answers - Drafting and saving answers will be beneficial.
  2. Bookmarking/ Pinning questions and answers - I need this to bookmark/pin relevant questions and answers.
  3. Searching and Archiving questions - Not necessary now but will be when there are lot of questions.
  4. Interactive commenting - Replying options will be good for healthy discussion.
  5. Colour scheme - Seriously hire a UI UX guy, a bit more aesthetic site would not hurt. Site is just bland.
  6. Web app - A webpage app instead of full fledged app will work.
I suggest following changes in existing features.
  1. Upvotes not shown after closing of rewards - It would be beneficial to show my at least my upvotes after closing of rewards.
  2. Email Notification - Give more info in email notification. If someone is commenting on my answer then don't just notify me, show the comment as well.
Comment all those that can and can't be done.
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This update brings major improvements to the site. I believe that for the next release maybe you can focus on launching the app. To me is easier to keep up that way.
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Some really good improvement thanks, I really like the sorting and tagging features. It's great that you separated the wallet from the settings. I hope in the future you will integrate hardware wallet features. I understand, something like that will take a while. I hope rich media (audio/video) embed features is on the road map.

Thanks again, don't stop.

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I love the way this platform is evolving, and these updates are great!

The one thing I don't understand is the update number 7 - "Votes per answer is now limited to 4. The total votes per user per bounty still remains 16.". Does that mean that a user can give more than one answer to the same question?
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Thanks for the the new features and update . I love the idea. I would recommend to allocate some free XLMs to new users initially so that he could start his masmic journey without bringing XLMs.from out side
This will help to bring users who are not having XLMs initially and once they are acquainted , they can buy XLM from exchanges to use here.
I still think we should move away from the small index cards on desktop view. It might work for mobile, but it looks weird on a desktop view, and it's cramming too much info in one page. Also, it would be nice to create mobile apps for Masmic. I would suggest coding it in React Native as it's easy to learn and you can use it for both android and ios at the same time.
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Nice changes. It is refreshing to see that this site is regularly maintained and dynamic. At first I had some confusions in withdrawing XLMs but I got it sorted out. We could really use a good guide in converting XLMs to cash because not all people are very familiar with crypto currencies.
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