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Mountains 🏞️ or Beaches 🏖️ : Which do you like more and Why?

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Beaches are hot places but there it's very easy to spend time in Beach . Good Sea Food and there will lot of People Selling one or the other exciting things to all like Goa. You can Enjoy more in Beaches than in Mountains.

There are far who go to Mountains, wheather will be very cool and less disturbance from people . I think that's why we can spot more couples in Mountains😁
I personally love mountains as we we can not compare the beauty of mountains with beaches.

I will show you some of the famous mountains here.

Mount Kailash

Moun Everest

Nanga Parbat

Peak in Karnataka


Chembra Peak
Peak in Kerala

Now you can decide yourself why mountains are best .....😀😀
Mountains and/Beaches are two completely different geographical conditions, also due to geographical conditions both have different characteristics.

Personally I like both of.

But still for adventure mountain is preferably convenient for me.
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My answer is Mountais- are very sign of bravery and higher self esteem. I feel challenging when I see at them and they always call at me to give my best.

Otherwise Beaches are cool and relaxing but do not seem to challenge me personally.

Sun and the sea is the best thing on the world right? Thats why i would prefer beaches. A good sun bath is good for your health and skin. Also you can dive in the sea, which is i really love.
The peaceful feeling of the top of a mountain in middle of wilderness could be the best.
Then there is the feeling of success, for reaching the summit.
beach, because on the beach we can relax enjoying the sunrise and sunset, we can also sunbathe, swim, fishing, and also enjoy the rides such as banana boating, surfing, and also the culinary around it, at night we can sing and play guitar and lit a fire while burning fish ... it's fun, it's a beach holiday
Beach because it is not that exhausting to reach 🤗
I really love fresh air and silence. Also i enjoy secluded places. To stay with the mother nature and listen yourself.. Best way for me so i would choose mountains.