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Mouse or Touch pad? What is good in terms of healthy fingers and wrist.

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You can use an Ergonomic mouse to help you with the strain in your wrist.
They are shaped in a way to maximize comfort for log usage sessions.

If you have longer working hours and you tend to use mouse a lot.
I strongly recommend using a good ergonomic mouse, I myself use Logitech MX Master 2s from past 1 year.

(Here is a picture of it sitting on my laptop)

It is loaded with features and it has been one of the best investments I have made so far.

Here is there official link

No device is going to guarantee you a pain-free experience, especially if you use it incorrectly, so here are a few tips for pointing like a pro.

Positioning matters. Whatever pointer you decide to use, use it at the same height as your keyboard, and position both so that your forearms are parallel to the floor. You may need to adjust your chair or your desk to make this happen, so having a height-adjustable desk can be very helpful.
Save Your Nerves. Keep your wrist as straight as possible and don’t rest it flat on your work surface, as this compresses your carpal tunnel (the front side of your wrist). We’ll look at some device-specific ways to accomplish this below.
Cushioning is Key. Use a wrist rest, bean bag, or folded towel both in front of your keyboard and any external pointing device to reduce the compressive
force on your wrist.

Pain-free Mouse Use
There’s one big mistake most people make when mousing—they hold the mouse with the base of their hand up against the back of the mouse and their fingertips on the center of the buttons. This is no bueno. It creates an unnatural bend in the wrist and strains your muscles and tendons. That hurts after a while.
Instead, try putting the center of your palm on the top of your mouse and using the lower portion of your finger (closer to your palm) for clicking. This simple repositioning greatly reduces the dynamics that lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and mouse hand pain. It takes some getting used to, but you’ll feel the benefits quickly, and within a week or two it should become second nature.
Wireless mouse is the answer
If you use a device correctly, nothing can be probably bad for you.
I'm using a mouse on my office desktop,
and I use the laptop touchpad on my personal laptops.
Of course I prefer a mouse, but for a clutter free experience on my desk at home, I use the touchpad only.

Using too much of mouse, touchpad, or computer isnt good for health :P
Remember the proverb "Too much of anything is bad"

I hope you got my point :D
Touch Pad ofcourse!
The one with which you are more comfortable, will be good in terms of every aspect. 😀
Both are not. You need to stop regularly and let your body rest and relax. Go do other activities that is far better in terms of keeping you healthy. Jog, play outdoor games or go cycling. Don't just sit on your chair of on your sofa playing on your phone or computer. Be wise. It is the way to a better life.
Both are equal pain givers.
you would avoid using the mouse once you witch over to touch pad. It helps!!

I"ve been using mice for 22 years and my fingers and wrist are completely fine, so i'd go with that.