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Need comment/suggestions for my friend's YouTube channel

Provide your feedback on the uploaded videos, the quality, topics covered. Mention the video link/name, for which you are providing the feedback.

Channel covers discussion on what’s happening in the tech, startups, small business, venture capital and angel investing in the US and India with tips for small businesses and entrepreneurs every week from the mind of an early-stage startup investor.

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Here, I am not speaking whatever comes to my mind rather I have a YouTube channel as well and have a Million of subscribers

The Most important Parts of being successful in YouTube is:

  • Thumbnails
  • Content
  • Length of the video
  • Quality of Video and audio
  • Proper Editing

All these points make a major role in leading a YouTube channel I hope this would work for you:)
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I've watched two videos and I was pleasantly surprised that this channel contains actually really good, intelligent advice.
You could surely make nicer slide animations and all that but what matters with a channel like this is that the content is actually good, and you're already there - so the only advice I have is just keep doing it and the audience will come surely.
In usual YT fashion, I think you could also put your face in the thumbnail - other humans will more likely click on the video if they see a human there, not just a random image. I would also lose the blue/yellow tinted color grading on the intro, it looks a bit amateurish.
Video quality is good and the length of videos is decent.... Not interested in content but as a user the experience was good.
1. Add storyline to content.
2. Put some animations
3. Give energetic start like Hey guys gm
4. Quality of video is not bad.
5.Put like for liking and subscribe to channel.
6. Ask for comments about viewers opinions.
7.Do some live streams.
8.Put advertisements of your channel
9.show some case studies.

Descriptions are very very important. He also can use playlists to group together similar videos you have made and use his channel to feature these playlists. For the success he has to keep video length as short as possible.

Show slides in the video when you are quoting numbers and other statistics.
Wow! The channel is very good! It provides very important information for investors new and old alike. The only problem is getting viewers to subscribe to the channel. I really feel that your friend should provide information on latest cryptocurrencies and insights on promising projects to invest on. This will get the interest of the viewers.
Build Videos Around a Single Keyword/Topic. ...
Reformat Existing Quality Content. ...
Engage with Your Audience. ...
Get Branded. ...
Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Channels. ...
Show Up. ...
Post Great Thumbnails. ...
Leverage YouTube Cards.
He should spend big time watching the videos of successful YouTubers. He has to find the videos that are getting the most views or thumbs up. He must try to figure out what about those videos or those channels is so compelling, and try to translate into things. If he study his lessons well, his videos get hits.
Content is good, Will get millions of followers in few years. Keep the good work mate.