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Need reviews for Youtube videos ! (Read description)

I started to make video content which I am fairly new at.

Need some suggestions and reviews for my work.

Also suggest places / technology topics that you would love to see me cover.
(comment on question for any other info)

(More bounties coming soon, thanks in advance for helping out)
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  • Echo Vs Home Mini

I loved the video. The presentation is fantastic. It checks all boxes.

  • Kashmir Vlog

Good video. Not great. You can do a lot more with a vlog but you chose to make it funny rather than original. Nicely shot. But I lost interest in less than a minute because I realised that the video is going to be about "friends" and not the place. Nothing wrong with it.

Call this a personal preference, but I'd like to see people describing places they visit in a travel vlog. You haven't mentioned where the places are, what they are called or what is to see there. Sorry I only watched it till 6 min, didn't want to watch it further.

Hope the feedback helps.
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  • Echo vs Home - The editing is nice, the whole thing is put together quite well. Definitely pay more attention to audio levels, the narration is a bit quiet and the background music is too loud at some parts. Also, just try to consider what your viewers might want to gain from watching your video. Do they really have time to watch the entire thing? Probably not. Don't be afraid to cut things from it or make the edit a bit more snappy to cut some precious seconds off the video. I think the best product review videos are concise and to the point.

  • Kashmir vlog - See my other comment for the audio levels. :) Applies here as well. The editing is good, just like in the other video. Also, what usually makes a vlog interesting for the viewer is if there is a story, a narrative arc to the entire episode. If you just record things you do during the day and cut them together but it isn't coherent in the end it probably can be interesting for you, because these are your memories, but it isn't that interesting for the viewer . So try to think about what your viewers can gain from watching your videos and tailor them to what they need.

Hope this helps, good luck with YouTube!
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  • ECHO vs HOME

Good presentation, however, I would say a bit slow. Could've been crisp. I mean, within 5 minutes. A bit more refined and camera work, i.e, playing with the focus might have been better. Overall, it's kind of fine but has the potential to be the finest.


Less info, Lots of friendship material and again, loses it's composition in the form of a story as it is quite long to bear. Sounds a bit harsh, but you need to be a lot crisp and apt to attract audience. The first 10 seconds were quite interesting. However, i lost interest as it went on and precisely i didn't go through whole 10 minutes.

Both the videos have great intros, but I think you need to be consistant in that. Best of Luck Bro!!
Ooh wow very slick graphic and intro!
So for me the cinematography and photography are great.
There is a fun vibe, I would love more info for example when you are on the lake in the second video I would like you to ad in English a caption that says where it is or even better you voice over saying ... this lake ( the name) was really Guzman and we are fresh fish fromit and watched the sunset ( then show us you eating fish at sunset) - just an example. But more Info about your story and the place is what I would want;)
maybe even just English subtitles and do a little more explanations. But I love the funny vibe and for global audience I honk my idea can help.
Haha I allways write my ideas why’ll watching, so I don’t forget some, and when I saw you fishing at sunset after I wrote the comment before I was laughing at myself.

as per the review honestly it was great and the kids were cute, maybe having it a tiny bit shorter for viewer retention could be the only thing I can think of.
I hope that helps
You Need to make A Room or Just a Table to Review Electronic Gadgets. Apart from that I like Your Style of Video Editing.
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Jotting down the things that i liked about the videos.

Liked :
  1. The voice over and explanation are good.
  2. There is subtle sense of humour which is good.
Not Liked
  1. The travel thing is a friendship day type video, it could have been more about the place.
  2. The scene transition from one frame to another could have been more creative and smooth.
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