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Need your review on this article (link in description)

“Masmic platform is designed for meritocratic community participation” https://link.medium.com/qzAe63rKpU

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1. Such a refreshing view on how masmic works and how the power of micropayments + Cryptocurrency can bring the best content to users.

2. True that quora is now filled with biased opinions and can be used to manipulate users into a particular domain.

3. Gives a simple insight on how Blockchain can turn networks into markets. Also the structure of masmic is awesome. 😁
we see Masmic as a global platform where:
1) users come to consume quality content,
2) bounty givers come to get quality submissions to their urgent tasks/curious questions,
3) users come to earn passive income directly in crypto by contributing quality submissions or sorting such submissions qualitatively.
Masmic is a global decentralized marketplace platform for knowledge sharing, where everyone/anyone can answer/vote to get rewards depends upon quality of content.

  • Most of time visitors choose the best one by voting answers.
  • Masmic also offer an excellent opportunity to earn passive income in cryptocurrency (XLM).
  • Masmic is really a revolutionary platform allowing micropayments as a bounty to their users.
  • In future Masmic will be well known global content, ideas and knowledge sharing platform with offering higher bounties for right answers to their users.
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The prospect of sorting answers based on quality and awarding top answers with a larger portion of the reward will certainly maintain Masmic as a relevant platform while at the same time building an array of quality information provided by the community. This is very much appreciated by the community as a whole cause it will terminate all the rubbish that most of the questions asked in other medias get.
For example, if I was to ask a question in Facebook, the responds I get from my question can be sometimes rediculous. So, Masmic taking on a more productive approach by providing a passive income to its community for the quality they bring will certainly make it appealing to users.
Meh, most of it I had already read from the website. What I would like to hear about is the vision and culture Masmic is trying to build. And questions like, What is the business model of the site itself? How is Masmic planning on making money as a platform? Can/Do/Will Masmic ever censor?

This is very friendly article and telling us all the truth about the Quora and the Masmic. I can see that the Masmic's idea is way better than the Quora. Also when the platform users votes your answers, it would be the most fair way.
A nice and comprehensive article about the platform, explains the things one would like to know :)

but, as a user, I would like to seek more clarity on which posts exactly get the bounties, and I would also like to see a feature, where Masmic actually bans people who are caught spamming multiple times, and are reported by people, where those people, who reported correctly get some reward. (this can be considered as a suggestion though)

"Visit www.masmic.com and register now to get exclusive 1 month access when platform becomes live." -> The last part isnt really clear. :(
Cute and meaningful photo at the beginning, shows all of us that mycro work would gives us great ammount of money and we can make our livings with it. When Masmic connects with the great blockchain idea there would be great results. I would understand that this Masmic project will bring us many many more options for make more money.  

Wow looks like you put a lot of time into this medium article, props on some of the big words used, i really enjoy the use of the bold lettering and numbering of your points, and really getting across what masmic is all about in a short 3 minute read!
Know how masmic works and know all the topics that we can learn and think, besides being able to earn some XLM.