7 months ago

New year resolutions for 2019

New hobbies, quitting out something, goals or just anything which you are planning to do in 2019

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Stay disciplined

Be Real as usual

Keep learning funnel open

Increase acceptance

Try finding ways to a faster self-development

Restart Chess and Meditation

Work for cause rather than profit

Stay really Hungry, for intellect

Road trip to Imphal and back.

1. Learning and more learning.

2. Leaving my job to do something on my own.

Learn Mandarin; Develop Long Term Thinking; Read a lot; Facilitate Global Crypto Consumer Adoption.

I really would like to make order in my life: I hope to end my study, find an house and a good job!

Quit Smoking and settle for Beer only.

Giving importance to Savings.

Keep Girls away.

Stop eating out so much,

Not look at crypto prices so much,

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We will live in the moment more and drink champagne when we're thirsty.

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My wife and I did the whole30 diet in January and began training for a triathlon this year. So far so good.