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Question for anesthesiologists or neurologists (and for everyone else).

Is there a possibility that a person will be in a state o similar anesthesia for many years and that this will be diagnosed as depression?

The case I am referring to has been diagnosed as schizophrenia followed by major depression, all of which seems to have been caused by heavy stress and the taking of some unspecified substance.

In case you're not anesthesiologists or neurologists, what do you think about depression? Do you have obvious examples and want to share them? Do you know about someone you used to think he was a doomed man but who managed to get over it and live a normal life?
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From a medical point of view you might be referring to a condition called „stupor” or its type, „catatonic stupor”. It is characterised by akinesis (no movement), being mute and irresponsive to external stimuli - in severe cases a person can be „awakened” for a moment only by heavy pain. The person might be looking as asleep or have eyes open but doesn’t react at all - so it resembles anesthesia state or coma in some way.

The possible reasons behind this condition are, as usual, various. Stupor may be a clinical presentation of schizophrenia or severe depression, powerful unpleasant experiences. It may last an hour, a day, month etc. One of possible factors triggering schizophrenia (which itself has many smak things that may result in clinical presentation of the disease, which remains „silent” for many years in a patient) is drug abuse and stress - so the case you mention perfectly makes sense and is possible.

Disorders from the edge of Neurology and Psychiatry are really scary even for me as a doctor.

Most of the people are not aware that they are depressed and they need medical or emotional help.

Depression is caused by continuous and repetitive thought of what we lack and what we wished for but was not able to achieve it. It is always severe but is realised by most after very long period

I would like to share an example which is very common in our society.

A young boy at the age of 18 , done with high schooling , not very sure of what he wanted his life to be. His parents tried to be very supportive and took him to the education counselor to help him find his best career option. He was not satisfied by the councelling but since he had to opt for something and he was not having any further excuse as according to his parents they have done there bit, he opted for a grad course. He failed again and again , he was blaming his parents for forcing him to opt that even though he was not very sure. No one was ready to take the blame, neither the child nor the parents. They kept on pushing him for his good, he used to fight back but eventually he stopped fighting back. He was silently accepting what was being said to him.

Here, the problem was when he was fighting back he was being told as disrespectful and irresponsible for his own activity and once he stopped fighting back, he was being told as careless and shameless.

The root of depression was laid long back when he was feeling lost post his high school and with all this events which were making him realize that he is good for nothing led to severe depression and hence inactive physical state aswell.
From Personal Experience

Depression doesn't make you feel like Anesthesia but Medicines that are given for treating Depression would make me feel dull and Dizzy always not active. Long term effect might make the damage permanent.

After taking medicines for 2 years i took me 6 to 8 months to recover Completely from its effect.

My personal Advice is to not take any medicine that harms your brain but to do Workouts or Jogging which might help a Lot.
Depression is something that people don't like to talk about, and it's always surprising when I find out that a person who looks fine and happy on the outside struggles with it. Especially in the Asian community it's not really recognized as a mental disorder but just them being weak, which is completely wrong. I do know people who have gotten help and they've stated that it's gotten better with time
I'm not a Doctor but i believe at some point of time everybody everyone will experience Depression. But i know what needs to be done

  1. Change in Life Style
  2. Make a healthy Daily Routine.
  3. Try to make time to roam Outside in fresh air.
  4. Sleep Early Get up early.

How Anesthesia affects your brain is different than Depression.

  1. Anesthesia will not only make you sleep but you will be unconscious under its influence.
  2. The part affected by anesthesia will not sense touch.
  3. If are in Depression you cannot sleep well.
  4. Lot of Stress due to Depression.
  5. Depression is a Repetitive cycle of Life and it increases stress if you don't change your Life Style.