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Readers: how do you retain what you learnt in a book?

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Normally, if I like what I read it helps a lot, my memory works with things I like. If I have to remember something I use a mnemonic technique called active-vivid-paradox, but I can't find how they name it in English...
Write down some key points and hang it up on your door so that you see it everyday
There are few ways you can retain information from a book.
  1. Extensive way - Reading it twice and making notes of the important facts, formulas, definition etc. Finally making summary of each chapter. This is what school and college students does. Using this method for leisure reading is counter productive and time consuming.
  2. Short way - Easiest way is to bookmark, highlight the important portion. When reading ready slowly i.e. take time to complete the book and every time when you resume reading start from few pages back to get that connect. Generally done by students to retain info, can be easily adopted by and leisure reader.
  3. Third party way - Read the book normally along with Mentorbox or Blinklist subscription. This will surely help in retaining lot of information.
1) Notes. I started off with way too many notes. Over-corrected to too few notes. Now I have found my happy medium.

2) Try to teach someone else. You'll gain a better understanding, and it'll clearly point out what areas you're deficient in.
It is infact a good point as we read many books and slowly slowly we start forgetting what we read earlier. The best way to keep the things remembered is how practically you bring the reading or learning into your day to day practice.
The more you practice or follow more you remember the things.
  1. Read it twice, and write a short summary of the information in your own words.
  2. Seek deeper understanding, through further research.
  3. Look for peers who are reading and learning the same thing. Form a study group.
  4. Find someone in your community/proximity who is an expert in that subject. Consider them a role model.
  5. Find a practical way to develop your knowledge on that subject. Create a project based on that knowledge.
  6. Learn quickly from your mistakes, and do further reading on the mistakes and misunderstandings.
  7. Consult with the expert, role model about your mistakes
  8. Develop the ideas and knowledge further, once you understand more from the mistakes
  9. Begin to teach others(who know less) about the topic. This will increase your understanding.
  10. That project I mentioned is step 5, share it with the public. This will encourage you to develop your knowledge and project to a high standard.
By thinking more about that points learnt from that book
By discussing the good points with your friends/colleagues.