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Today I Learned (TIL)

We all learn something new everyday, what did you learn today?
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Today learned about the importance of listening and being silent for sometime to rejuvenate your thoughts and ideas.
Today I learnt about an overview of space technology and its stages.
TIL that eating more than 2 egg yolks per day is not bad for you.
TIL some stuff about weed (one of the episode of Explained series on Netflix )

It could be the next Alcohol.
Few alcohol companies are investing in it.
Just like we have more standards for alcohol (e.g Whiskey, Lager, Ale). There are terms for cannabis (e.g Indica, Sativa), which just doesn't happen to follow standards, but more of subjective measaures.

As it is gaining more and more legal status, organization are investing in R&D, and over the time, we may start consuming it instead of alcohol.

More TCH means more high you will get
More CBD means more medicinal effects.

Most of the cannabis product have it labeled. With ration varying from 3:1 to 300:1 (TCH, CBD)

You should watch the episode if you want some more info.
Today i learned that making yourself vulnerable by trusting people is not always a bad thing, and can actually feel very liberating
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Today I have learned that being polite and patient pays off in the long run:

I have a telegram group where to discuss crypto. There are a lot of people there and most are very polite and eager to discuss in a constructive manner. Every now and then, a guy join the discussion with bad tones, we don't like him but I never banned him and I replied always in a good manner. Well, today we had a good discussion and I think that we will collaborate in the future, he also said that he admires me!
Today I learned about how to be more tolerant and patient.
Reading Books again and again is more Important than reading Different Books of same Genre. Because all Books will have almost same Subject.
How to disasseble Samsung smart tv remote and fix the button :D
Today I learned "quantum computing" is less of a novelty item and more of a possible "new era" technology.

From what I heard in a few videos, quantum computing can be used to predict things like how pharmaceuticals affect biology without real-life testing.

In combination with A.I. it's super likely much of our behavioral responses can be predicted accurately enough to be used for products and services, to say the least.