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What according to you Quora lacks but Masmic has?

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  1. Incentivised answering questions..
  2. Fast and quality response.
  3. Easy interface.
  4. No unnecessary advertising on masmic.
  5. No conflicts due to good content.
  6. Innovation in terms of crypto usecase

Quora Sucks in some of the following points:

Reading Offline.

It would be great If Quora allows us to read all the Questions added in Reading list in Offline mode.

Favorite Topics

Don't we like some topics more than others?

Night mode.

I'm a Nocturnal. And It'd be great to have an Inbuilt night mode in Mobile Application.

Little Faster Messaging Service.

Sometimes I message some top writers or Most viewed writer with my Query or my personal Issue directly in the message box. and as we all know that our messaging service is more like an email service and less like a message service. it's slow. it would be really more convenient if we have little faster messaging services.

Save Answers.

Human mind has infinite storage but none of has ever used that Infinite storage. It would be really really more helpful if we can save some Question/Answers in any document Format.

Though Masmic has some of the advantages over Quora

  • It Gives us more notifications about each and every thing

  • XLM Points

  • Earn Some money for your The work you love to do!

Quora asks the same question 20 times
Quora has very complicated website, when i search something i get dizzy
Masmic has very easy to use
Masmic paying us, directly to our Stellar wallets in seconds
XLM rewards
The possibility of receiving some benefit for the participation
Reward system. Being rewarded to execute task
I hinknits a bit obvious rewards!
i used Quora for a bit and lots of people required my answers after a while I had to stop, my time is just to valuable to spend so much time answering questions without some little form of compensation.
Peace all
Easy, a rewards system!
  1. crypto based rewarding.
  2. not indiscriminate rewarding as your answer needs to make some sense or appeal to win a bounty.
Masmic has a better immediate rewards system. While Quora does have some incentives to answer, the immediate gratification is pretty nice to have