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What are some cheap travel destinations out of India that a group of 5-6 people can go ?

  1. Travel Time : 10-12 days
  2. Budget : In and around 1 lac INR
  3. No south-east asian country
  4. Preferably mountains/plains than beaches

Thanks in advance !
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Bhutan would be a great option if you haven't visited it yet. It is dead cheap as you are from India.

  • How to reach: You can reach by road, air and train depending on your current location in India. Best way would be to reach Bagdogra or Jalpaiguri and then book a private cab to bhutan.

  • Visa requirements: Not required as you are from India.

  • What to see: As you have a travel time for 10-12 days, you can cover the place in its entirety and get a closer look of their culture and lifestyle.
Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin ast.
(If there is ever a heaven on this earth, its here,it is here!!)

What can be possibly more beautiful than Kashmir 
This will perfectly fit in your budget of 1 Lac INR.

There are direct flights to Srinagar from all major India airports.
From New Delhi it takes 1.5 hours to reach Srinagar.

I recently visited Kasmir, Comment if you need any more information about anything.

Here is a 3 min Vlog I made for all the places you can visit in kashmir in 3-4 Days

So I tried to convert 1 lac INR and it should be about 1400 USD. Now I don't know if it is per person or total. I will try to take a look at eastern Europe: Slovakia and Hungary, they are not so expensive! But, of course, if the budget is intended to be 1400 USD in total I suggest you prefer a nearby destination, as long flights would cost a lot of the fixed budget.
I hope you will find a good place to visit, the world offers amazing landscapes!
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You should visit a country in Central Asia, e.g., Kazakhstan. Its cheap and mountainous, and you can complete the trip within 1 lac INR budget in 10-12 days.

Additionally, I've heard that many people in Central Asia follow Bollywood songs and movies, so you would find friendly locals as well.
Central Asia is one of the most beautiful region. You can choose between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
The cheapest travel with 5-6 people to get out of India is in Bangladesh because it is very close to Bangladesh and India and the cost of travel to Bangladesh is very low so I would say that you should travel to Bangladesh.
I suggest you visit Philippines. You will spend less than a $1 per day for rides and food as well . There is also a lot of tourist spot that you can visit; famous is the Boracay ofcourse !
Отправляясь в отпуск в далекую Индонезию, обязательно проведите несколько дней на острове Бали: откройте для себя все необходимые художественные баталии и примите участие в театрализованных массовых танцах Кечак и Баронг Крис.
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What to see in Georgia in 1 week?
In my opinion, the route given below is optimal for the first study tour to Georgia. It allows you to see the main attractions, visit several regions, get a general idea of ​​what Georgia is and bring an irresistible desire to return to this country again.

Day 1-2 Tbilisi

Day 3 Mtskheta, Gori, Uplistsikhe

Day 4 Georgian Military Road, Kazbegi

Day 5-6 Kakheti and David Gareji

Day 7 Buying souvenirs, lunch at a restaurant, farewell tear, flying home
The Northeastern part of this country is without any doubt, a heavenly place to visit to. Be it Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram. A great gataway and pocket friendly too. Stay with tribal people and have the local dishes. Yummy and friendly. You'd be amazed at how simple and hospitable the inhabitants there are. Try and explore the innumerable caves that are yet marked as tourist attractions, be amazed by the stalactites and stalagmites and the slow drippling sound of water echoing through the caves. Watch and be mesmerized by the greens of the meadows and the color of the sunlight on them. It is a heavenly experience. I've been there 8 times and still would go and would love to live there.
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