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What are some good alternatives to TripAdvisor?

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TripExpert (http://www.tripexpert.com). It doesn't rely on user reviews, which are frequently fake (i.e. posted by hotels or their competitors), and which suffer from a number of other problems that are more fully discussed on this thread: What are the main weaknesses of TripAdvisor?

Instead, it sources reviews from travel guides and magazines like Lonely Planet, Frommer's, Travel + Leisure, etc., and generates an overall score and rank for each hotel based on expert opinion.

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These are some that easily float off to mind:

  • Fourspace
  • Booking.com
  • Basetrip
  • Expedia
  • Lamtrip
  • Yelp? Could work
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A few that come to mind are:




All the travel sites can be group into different subgroups. Some are great for finding great prices for travel, like Orbitz.com. Others like priceline.com and hotels.com have details for places to stay. Of course if you want to try something more adventurous there is Air bnb. They also have some interesting options for local adventures activities at your destination.

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I used Foursquare before when I was traveling. It's a great site and I think it has a large database of restaurants, hotels and other stuff important to travelers. TripAdvisor is also great, but I think that Foursquare is the best alternative.

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TripExpert. It doesn't rely on user reviews which are often fake. Reviews are from travel guide magazines.

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Lonely Planet

Rough Guides

Seat 61 (train travel)

Rick Steves


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Yelp is a good way to find out about specific locations

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I had some pretty good luck with Groupon before