What are some good books on World History that are comprehensive yet interesting?

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When I was in high school I started my readings into the world history from The Story of Civilization  series and it was an absolutely awesome experience.

It is an 11 Volume history series by the historian and philosopher Will Durant who was later joined by his wife Ariel Durant from the 4th book onwards. It is written assuming the reader to be a beginner or journeyman of history and reads like a story and is very fluid.However each book in the series clocks pages ranging from 500 - 1100 thus by all means it is comprehensive and detailed.

The books are sequenced chronologically :
  1. Our Oriental Heritage
  2. The Life of Greece
  3. Caesar and Christ
  4. The Age of Faith
  5. The Renaissance
  6. The Reformation
  7. The Age of Reason Begins
  8. The Age of Louis XIV
  9. The Age of Voltaire
  10. Rousseau and Revolution
  11. The Age of Napoleon

As death would have it, the Durants couldn't complete their mission of compiling all the historical heritage of mankind till the second world war. But whatever they did manage is a very readable experience and it I had great time with the Durants.

Side note : Some of the historical conclusions or facts have changed overtime , by the discovery of newer sources textual or otherwise especially of . So it'll be wise to use the series as a foundation or bedrock for World history then further buttress it with advanced and specialized readings. 
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World is the greatest book about the World History
Salt by Mark Kurlansky is the best
The silk road : A new history of the world by Peter Frankopan
A little history of the world by Ernst Gombrich
Gengis Khan and the making of the modern world by jack weatherford
Sapiens: A brief history of mankind by Yuah Noah Harari and
A short story of nearly everything by Bill Bryson
The Encyclopedia of World History : Ancient, Medieval and Modern - Chronologically Arranged

The Age of Louis XIV
The Age of Voltaire
Rich dad, poor dad.
Think and grow rich.
The richest man in babylon
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The Bible