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What are some inexpensive healthy lifestyle tips that anyone can follow?

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Going To Gym is not expensive but I consider it as Waste of Some bucks that could be better spend On Good healthy Food.
Hiring a Trainer is waste of Money, If you wanna just spend some time make a Health Schedule and that's it.

Inexpensive Healthy Lifestyle

Join a Free Yoga Class for Community

Guru is Important to learn Yoga so it's better to have some beside you to Instruct you. If you are not going to any competition, Community Yoga classes is All You Need.
They don't charge anything to teach you, all they want is you to Healthy for Life Time and spread a Word about Yoga and Culture.


Meditation is Quite tough for anyone, but need it as much as eat Food. Make it a Routine to meditate after Yoga, So that there is No Stress in Your Life.

Better Sleep
Good Sleep is all we need in our life. Good Food doesn't only bring Good Sleep, so always Go some physical Work like Yoga and Clear Your mind of all Thoughts with Meditation.

Natural Food - Go VEGAN

Avoid consuming RICE, go more for More BROWN RICE,WHOLE WHEAT.
Try Not to consume Non Veg. In Today's world chicken is injected with Hormones to increase it's weight and make it Grow early. Some of the Studies has suggested it can lead to Deadly Diseases.

GO For More Green Veggies

Majority people who have Followed Green Diet have 0 heart diseases. Plants itself contain Medicinal Value so eating it like a Food Daily will Keep all the Bad cholesterol Away.
Except for FOOD. YOGA and Meditation is FREE and nobody can stop you from leading a HEALTHY LIFE if You Follow Routine.
Grow a garden. Consider growing your own vegetables, planting fruit trees or growing herbs. Maintaining a garden can be a fun hobby and also help you save money on your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs each season. Tending to a garden can also be a good stress reliever.

Eat before you shop! When you’re hungry, you’re more likely to choose high-calorie foods, according to a 2013 Cornell University study. Set yourself up to make good choices by eating a healthy, filling snack before you head to the grocery store.
Best things in the world are free.

Actually you need to practice minimalism for healthy lifestyle.

here are some my tips for you

  1. Jog morning- pair of shoes required.
  2. Drink plenty of water- clean water.
  3. Eat healthy breakfast and eat light in evening.
  4. practice mindfulness.-nothing required.
  5. Bath daily-water a bucket
  6. Watch less TV/Netflix/youtube- spend less
  7. Go to bed early, get up early- less electricity
  8. Keep phone away at sleep.
  9. Clean the room.
  10. limit intake of alcohol-save some bucks
  11. Make healthy friends
  12. Stop being with negative people.
  13. Go into nature.
  14. Be like child

  1. DO NOT CONSUME SUGAR... INSTEAD use jaggery or stevia
  2. use least amount of oil of any sort.
  3. brisk walk for at least 40 mins to 1 hr daily or alternate days at least
  4. drink lots of water upto 3+ ltrs per day
  5. eat in plenty various colors of fruits and veggies (seasonal)
  6. don't drink COLD water during food or after.. make sure if you have water after or during food it should be hot like soup or more than lukewarm.
  7. meditate daily for as many and as long as you can afford to. there is no too much in this case!!!

Exercise regularly. It is free. Go and spend time at the park and breath some fresh air. Meditate. It is going to clear your mind a relief some stress. Eat healthy food. Drink a lot of plain water.
Drink 8 glasses of water per day
Stay hydrated
Plenty of rest
Incorporate resistance training in some fashion
Incorporate cardiovascular training in some fashion
Make healthy eating choices and control your portion sizes
Do everything you can to reduce stress
Exercise three times a week, and eat until you are full, you do not have to eat everything on your plate if you're already satisfied.
Don't over stress yourself,
Sleep at least eight hours a day,
Avoid unhealthy life style,
Eat balance diet,
Drink a lot of water daily and,
Exercise as much as possible.