What are some non-obvious ideas or habits that can change your life?

The ideas and habits that once you know about them, you don’t want to live without them again.

-> Originally, a tweet by Erik Torenberg.
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Prefer walking to short distance destination. It saved me gas and made me more healthy.
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  1. Take a cold shower in the morning to increase alertness.
  2. Similarly, eat an apple in the morning instead of consuming caffeine to increase alertness.
  3. Pick your work outfit the night before, so that you don't waste time messing up your closet in the morning.
  4. Create your lunch the night before, to give you more time to eat breakfast in the morning.
  5. Create food in batches. Put the food in containers and place them in the freezer. Food lasts longer this way.
  6. Get into the habit of cleaning as you go. Don't leave the mess to build up. It'll only cause you to feel more stressed and anxious.
  7. Don't hoard items. If you don't need something, throw it away.
  8. Keep your workspace tidy and file all important information away in an organised manner.
  9. Talk about your feelings, no matter how hard it may seem. If you can't talk, write.
  10. When you need to reflect or think, take a long walk.
  11. Get into the habit of saving money. Put aside a percentage of your earnings every week.
  12. Find time for yourself. It's important to let your body rest. Sometimes, it's okay to simply do nothing.
Every day, before going to sleep you should organize the next day with a to-do list.
Charging your mobile via powerbank attached to the charger. That way, your powerbank always remain charged, a simple life saving hack for unplanned travel and power out situations.
One thing that helped me improve my posture was everytime i walked through the door, I would remind myself to stand up straight and fix my posture. This method could be used to fix many habits or if your just need to do something that requires repetition.
Intermittent Fasting. Fasting for 16 hours everyday and eating within a cycle of 8 hours. E.g. 8am-4pm or 12pm-8pm.
Intermittent Fasting has several benefits - body fat reduction, activation of autophagy, prevention of cancerous cell growth etc.
I prefer do what i do today than tomorrow because tomorrow is a other that which not the same yesterday.
  1. Start a day with a prayer.
  2. Be thankful.
  3. be contented
  4. learn to appreciate things.
  5. learn to look on the positive sides rather looking on the negative.
Dancing all the time it makes me stress free and it makes my life lively. Then I can really handle myself.

The idea of having grandkids can change my view in life.