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What are some of the market opportunities which will compound quickly?

Or in simple words - what are some startup ideas where the rate of value generation is very high?
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Markets move in cycles. You need to saving money in Hight yield, safe accounts like certificate deposits during an up swing of a market. Use CD in different time periods(1month, 3 month, 6 month, 1year, 2year and 5year).

These account need to be CD that you can always add money to. An example:
Take 100% investment money ( only investment money ) and do:

2 yr CD: 5%
1 yr.CD: 10%
6 mnth. 10%
3 month 10%
1 month . 60%
As each period CD expired invest the money into the next longest CD.

During this time your waiting for the economy to fall, The opportunity you looking for could be in real estate . However it need to be a place that you would live in. You may need to, until it's sold or rented. The purpose of saving in a CD is to give you time to research and allow the market to fall and bottom out.

As an all cash buyer, the worse that can happen is, your buying a great place, at a great price to live in.

Depends on where are you from, but for the start dropshipping still seems like a good opportunity to start in sales. That means, you offer products including your fee and you order them directly from big warehouses or producers. If you are looking for big % look for China contractors or if smaller ROI is acceptable - even local companies offer such services on different markets. Some companies even allow you to send your own packages to keep the buyer thinking its straight from you.

Starting a TV Channel for Crypto like we have many for stocks e.g. CNBC TV18, Zee Business, CNBC Awaaz etc.

Currently we don't have any such platform where experts are discussing and analysing the projects and suggesting about Crypto Currencies online.

Users can their questions or ask recommendations on that channel and keep a track of latest happenings related to Crypto and it's technologies.

Создание надежной финансовой системы на основе блокчейна для обеспечения надежной работы компаний осуществляющих перевозку товаров по Северному морскому пути, для защиты этих компаний от незаконных санкций США.