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What are some of your favorite ways to help you relax?

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1. Play with my dog
2. Take a walk without my phone.
3. Listen some chill music

1. Coffee.
2. Taking a Short Walk in Nature.
3. Spending time with Friends.
4. Short Nap.
Snorkeling makes my mind totally clear
Go to fishing, playing tennis, take a walk, eating good food
Play games
Listen trance
Watch streams
  • Play with my love(animals)
  • Take a walk without my phone & having tea on the streets.
  • Listen to some edm or soft music.
  • Going on terrace & having a beer.
  • Hiking in  the  Woods or Nearby Trails. 
Shutting down my mobile and laptop and doing the household chores. It takes off the mental heaviness and relaxes your mind while keeping your body fat in check. Plus, it helps in building stronger relationship with your partner/ family which also provides a positive mental energy.
I like listening to a podcast while i'm just reading news stories on the computer or watching crypto charts too often haha. or just chill and watch a movie on the couch.
Sitting under a tree watching the green grasslands and hills for as far as your eyes can see while playing my guitar to a soft tune. That is the way to relax.
Taking a work
Sight seeing
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