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What are some simple study hacks everyone should know?

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Use memory aids,

Try using different memory aids like notecards, etc. These aids come in handy for memorization techniques. You may find it helpful to repetitively quiz yourself on the key aspects, facts or data you’re trying to memorize. 
Set a goal.
Don’t procrastinate.
Prioritize and schedule your time and activities.
Study early, study often and sleep early
Ask a lot of questions

Walk Before An Exam!
It’s been proven that exercise can boost your memory and brain power. Research conducted by Dr. Chuck Hillman of the University of Illinois provides evidence that about 20 minutes exercise before an exam can improve performance.
Consider these points

1. Study smart not hard
2. Resources matters so choose them wisely
3. Make a daily routine and give a fix time to studying rather then studying all day
4. Study in the morning as mind is most active at that time
5. Keep away all the distractions while studying
6. Spend some time doing other activities like playing, exercising. Healthy mind is happy mind.
7. Don't procrastinate !
Rewrite your notes by hand. Go old school and rewrite your notes by hand. Studies show that when you take the time to rewrite them by hand, you actually learn more effectively than when using your computer, tablet or laptop.  
Use a recorder when you go into your class. Record what your lecturers are saying. Usually the things that they say sare the ones to come up in the exam 😆
Do not memorize try to understand what you are reading
The first is set a goal. Never start a study work without having a goal in your head.
Second is find perfect environment for your study is good for you beautiful place make you get focus on study more
Study the most important parts - make a cheat sheet if all else fails
If you need to pick up broken glass you can use bread and it will get all the small pieces!