What are some tips to always have a good start to your day?

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Stay Unplugged from Tech! If the first thing you do when you wake up is check your smartphone for messages or work email, you are doing yourself a disservice. You are immediately cultivating a reactive mindset, instead of a proactive one, which will cause you to start your day in a defensive state, rather than a place of inner peace and control.
Instead, try remaining detached from technology for the first hour of your day so you can begin your day with present-moment awareness and a positive focus.

Something that I follow each day and stay energized throughout the day.

1. Wake up between 6-7 am
2. Go for running 20-30 mins
3. Stretching and exercise 20 mins
4. Cold showers
5. Healthy breakfast

And you're good to go for the day
Thank the Lord for everything... you don't need to be a believer to say thank the lord.. it's just a label that you can give to the energy you believe in.. if you don't have any belief at all then all you need to do is look yourself carefully in the mirror and say, "do the best you can for today and the best will happen for you everyday"..

Also you can :
  1. drink water mixed with a tinge of lemon to make water alkaline and boost immunity.
  2. have a fruits and veggies smoothie or salad for breakfast
  3. definitely clear your bowels...!!!
  4. Look at someone you love and be thankful for that kind of love to be present in your life!!!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you make time to eat a healthy breakfast (lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains), you’ll have more energy throughout the day and a stronger ability to focus and concentrate.
Fill Your Head with Positive Thoughts. Wake up and decide that today I’m going to do excellent work. Today I’m going to look for opportunities to improve. Today I’m going to choose to see the positive in every interaction. Don’t make the same mistakes so many do, and fall into a poor attitude habit.
Drink water as soon as you wake up, Yoga 10 minutes, meditation 10 minutes, and then an hour of weightlifting while I listen to a radio program or audio book that motivates me into action.

Just some basic exercises for 5-10 Mins!
1 Litre Water. :D
The tips I use are simple... Pray, study, and exercise
Drink water when you get up (and when you go to bed), but the most important part for me is to meditate every single morning no matter what.
Sleep until at least noon! haha.