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What are some weird superstitions in your local place ?

What's your superstition about, is it personal, where is it from?

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2. A woman with water pot brings luck to Traveller.
3. Widows are bad and Inauspicious.
4. Mensturting women are not pure.
5.If Pig dashes bike then that bike brings accidents to user.
There are plenty of silly superstitions where I come from. Some of the best ones are:
  • don't put your bag on the floor - you'll have no money in the future
  • don't sit in the corner of the table - you won't get married
  • don't walk under the ladder - it's bad luck
If you buy someone a pair of shoes, they'll run away from you
I'm Italian and there are plenty of superstitions here:

  • You don't put your hat on a bed - it reminds of the last rites of the priest in the extreme unction
  • Never go under an open ladder - it brings bad luck
  • When you wake up you have to step with the right foot when you get out of the bed - left is always related to devil.
  • Lentils bring money if consumed on New Year's Eve.
  • We use "in bocca al lupo" that means "inside the mouth of the wolf" to wish good luck - even if it seems not so sure the wolf mouth is the safest place for their puppies, and legends says that Romolo and Remo (founders of Rome) were raised by a wolf
  • You don't have to go through with a broom on singles' feet - otherwise they will never find a partner

...and a lot others :D

  • Not to get outdoors during solar or lunar eclipse.
  • Cutting nails and hairs on tuesdays brings bad luck.
  • Gomutra (Cow's piss) can cure cancer.
Here are some superstitions from India

If you have been in contact with a dead body, you must "wash away" the scent of death before returning home by having someone splash clean water on you before you enter your house. Failure to do this invites death into your house.

Passing chilis directly to someone at a table means you will fight with them in the future. It is best to place the chilis next to them by putting them down on the table and letting them pick it up.

Don't go near a Peepal tree in the night
Peepal  is one tree the ghosts like to hover around and if you sleep around a  peepal  tree at night, the ghosts will kill you.

Teen tigada, kaam bigada
According to the phrase, ‘teen tighada kaam bighada’, anything above two gets difficult to handle. And that a discussion is always better between two people rather than three. However, this was misinterpreted as 3 being unlucky.

Putting a small spot of kajal on a baby's forehead took care of 'buri nazar'.
To drive away buri nazar, babies are smeared with black kohl. A tikka on the forehead and cheek is believed to ward off the evil eye. 

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The weirdest one is that every fish's head you eat prolongs your life. So, basically, if you would constantly eat only that, you would live forever.

Pretty crazy, right? :D
Recently I heard people around me saying if you keep a bowl of Kheer ( dessert made out of rice and milk ) under Moon light on Sharad Poornima ( A Hindu festival celebrated on Full Moon Day in the month of Sept- Oct) , it is said that the Kheer turns into elixir.

Do not cut your nails / shave in the evening or on either of tuesday, thursday or saturday.
One of the local high schools is seriously haunted. Cant confirm but is generally accepted as true.