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What are the best science fiction novels?

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Enders game Novel by Orson Scott Card
The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
Dune by Frank Herbert
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

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The Dispossessed
The Dispossessed has been acclaimed as a new approach to utopian literature, but we should pay attention to the subtitle that appears in most editions of the book: "An Ambiguous Utopia". Le Guin is never straightforward in her presentation of the various societies in her novels, there is always a subtlety, an ambiguity, which is what makes her undoubtedly one of the finest of all science fiction writers.
1. JRR Tolkien
You have to read him to experience him. His world is magnificent beyond words.

2. PG Wodehouse - Blandings Castle stories
Humor at its best.. People often said it was wonderful subtle humor. I found him downright hilarious. I have a personal preference for his Blandings Castle stories, and Lord Emsworth (narrowly beating Rupert Baxter) is my favorite character. Even today reading them never fails to elevate my moods.
3. Five Point Someone - Chetan Bhagat
For some reason it sticks in the mind. A well told tale, funny and dramatic. The best light reading material I've found.
4. The Hungry Tide - Amitava Ghosh
Took me 2 days to recover from the stupor it put me into. It was my introduction to Amitava ghosh, leading Me Too.
Honorable Mentions :

The Glass Palace
Sea of Poppies
River of Smoke
Arthur C. Clarke’s Rendevous with Rama and The Fountains of Paradise
Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Frank Herbert’s Children of Dune (third in the series)
Ira Levin The Stepford Wives
Stephen King Carrie and The Stand
Philip K. Dick A Scanner Darkly
Neuromancer is the best one!
Some of the novels I have read and I feel are worth mentioning :
John Carter (The entire series)
The Maze Runner
I really liked Silo . It's a post-apocalyptic series by Hugh Howey, divided in 3 books: WOOL, SHIFT and DUST. If you like distopian novels this one is for you.

Hyperion by Dan Simmons
The novels of Julio Vene, writer, poet and French dramatist famous for his adventure novels and for his profound influence on the literary genre of science fiction.