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What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

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  1. writing travel blogs is one of the best ways
  2. make travel videos of tourist spots and other local activities
  3. doing part time jobs available to everyone at per hour basis
  4. if you have a certain skill set that is commonly required - like physio therapist, accupuncture, accupressure, su jok, yoga, cooking, dog walking, shamanic healing, pranic healing or any other form of energy healing technique you can use that to your advantage by charging a small fee in return or maybe just barter for something!!!
Find a job in a bar or restaurant overseas. The more tourists there are, the easier it is to find bars and restaurants who need a hand, especially in peak season. Even better if you have a working holiday visa to prove you can work there legally and that you will stay here for a while. If you don't, you can always find an owner who's ready to pay you under the table.
Sell Your Photos and Videos! Chances are that you're planning on documenting your travel anyway, so why not sell your photos and videos for money? Adobe Stock, Foap or Shutterstock could buy your photos and videos
Resort or Summer Camp Work. You can make money and have fun at the same time. Beautiful locations around the world are often the promised lands for resorts and summer camp organizations taking advantage of the pleasant climate and environment to build a business.
Smuggling cocaine , the only drawback is you might get caught . haha.
  1. Make travel videos and upload them on youtube
  2. Write travel journals
  3. Do online surveys
  4. Hello the locals with small tasks and they'll help you
Vlogging and Photography specially the sceneries
Cryptocurrency trading, blogging or blogging, bounty hunting, forex trading
Digital Marketing
Crypto Trading

Before you start to travel, it's important to establish a few ways earn funds. It would be best that some or most of these funds are earned by working remotely. So you don't want your income to be connected to your location while traveling.

There are several skill sets that are great for working remotely. Some of these are:

financial trading
journalism/ writing
Internet research
course creation in e-learning
Web development/ Software engineer
Audio Voice Overs
Transcription work