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What are the best ways to get free cryptocurrency?

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MASMIC for sure..

PLUS you can try this out too..

Use Affiliate Programs and Referrals
Earn Bounties for Performing Blockchain Tasks or Hyping Coins
Hold a Wallet that Gets an Airdrop
Gain Free Cryptocurrency from Hard Forks
Earn Free Cryptocurrency with Proof-of-Stake Coins
Become a Masternode
Lease Coins or Loan Coins for Margin Trading or Margin Funding
Invest and Trade Your Coins
Download a Wallet with a Free Coin Promotion
Take a Risk and Sign Up for an ICO
A year ago I would definitely recommend joining the BitcoinTalk forum and it's bounty campaigns as bounty hunters were earning quite a lot of money by doing signature and social media bounty campaigns. But nothing good ever lasts long... Admins of that forum introduced the Merit system and now it's rather hard to earn higher ranking that is required to participate in the signature campaigns. I personally wouldn't bother because many projects still refuse to pay the bounty hunters for their work.

Other than participating in the bounty campaigns, you can join few airdrop alert web services to get alerted about new projects that are giving their tokens via airdrop. But that is too very small possibility for earning money. It was way better before. I personally got over 2000 PRL tokens via airdrop in November 2017 that I sold for around $3 per token. That's $6.000 just because I applied for their airdrop. However, the lead dev of the project did an exit scam in the end, but still the fact remains that I earned a lot of money via airdrops.

As for Masmic... True, it's a great way of earning cryptocurrencies but I wouldn't say that you can earn them fast. If you write good answers than you can earn few XLM per answer, but 1 XLM is worth around $0.09. Stellar's ATH price was $0.90 for 1 XLM so we can hope it will get back to that price (or even higher) in the next bull run.
Here are some legit ways

  1. Create online content on blockchain platform like masmic, STEEMIT etc
  2. Airdrops- Join free airdrops of projects.
  3. Be part of new crypto-projects which offers coins to team members.
  4. Referral- Give lot of referral bonus coins by referring new users to new platform.
  5. Filecoin - Rent out your GB of extra space on filecoin to get coins

By the way there is never free lunch ; you always have to put something on table to get crypto.
Through Masmic, steemit, bounty hunting (Bountyox, Bountyhive)
Bither is a good cryptocurrency faucet all you have to do is click a button every 2 hours and it gives you a bit of their currency for free, you can sign up here --> https://bither.one/?ref=qqsB1wdu
Learning and earning about the coin to be promoted

MASMIC Ofcourse .
Masmic and trading

Also included is through Airdrops and stalking