What are the most mind-blowing photos you have seen?

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Source : Nat Geo
Sharing the most mind-blowing pictures I have seen in a while below. Hope you will like them as I did.

1.Hard work of 10 years made this hedge look like this !!

2. What an amazing piece of work.

3. 8 ton orca jumping 15 feet above water.
4. This is just amazing. Look carefully. It's just the perspective. Can you see them??

5. Northern lights, Alaska. Wow.

6. Lol. It's so thrilling.

7. Wooden cottage nestled in the Tatra mountains of Poland. Amazing.

8. Real badass !!

9. No words. Speechless. Hats off.

10. Quite cool couple, right?

11. Somewhere in Hawaii. Just amazing.
12. Salute to this boy's courage. Wow.

13. Quite a thrilling view.
14. Morning view in Shanghai.
15. Creativity at its best.
16. People running away as a volcano erupts in Malibu.
17. Amazing thought to inspire saving tress and their importance.
18. A plane over Pyramids of Giza.
19. A thrilling lightning view.
20. A shot after quite many attempts and planning. Amazing !! (My wallpaper right now :P).
21. Don't you wanna see it all the time in real !!
22. Night sky in iceland.
23. Creativity soaring high on boring streets XD.
24. Amazing night view somewhere in the world :P. Breathtaking.
25. Just amazing and mind blowing !!
26. To whom does that house belongs XD.
27. Somewhere in Singapore. Amazing.
28. Just mind blowing.

29. Cliff of Moher, Ireland. So calm and amazing !!
Hope you liked them too :D.
Thanks for scrolling folks !!
Mont Saint-Michel ,
France by Beatrice Preve and Samir Belhamra

sunset bird watching in utah
by Zach Allia

Play with light
by Alessandro Bergamini

Maho Beach- Saint
  1. the inside of a volcano.. with lava slur slipping out...
  2. an eagle picking up a prey as large as a sheep..!!!
  3. a man with sharks all around him and not being eaten alive..
  4. Aurora in the Iceland region...
  5. water with two different colors flowing together and not mixing!!!
Cairo and the Egyptian Pyramids
Sun rise in ocean
I have seen my 1st birthday photo.
I was so little and adorable.
My childhood pic. My childhood is my late husband
Sweet pic even I have.
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Just about any photograph of the Grand Canyon, UNBELIEVABLE !