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What are your top tips for surviving university life?

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1. Do something that scares you.

2. Fail quickly.

3. Surround yourself with good friends.

4. Take classes that reflect and further your interests.

5. Go out.

6. Stay in.

7. Make fun plans.

8. When you're on break, actually take a break.

9. Exercise.

10. Sleep.

11. Keep your room clean.

12. Know your weaknesses and actively work to improve them.

13. Embrace independence.

14. ...but keep in touch with your family and friends.

15. Understand that “finding yourself” takes time.

16. Live in the moment.

Learn some basic cooking skills. It's not that difficult to eat properly at university. You just have to spend a short amount of time working out the basics and mastering a few really simple meals, and you'll be able to feed yourself and save a whole loada cash in the process.
Use a highlighter to bring out any important sections or quotes (or at least what you think seems important in the 10 minutes you've spent swatting up on the topic). This means when you're in your seminar or exam, it won't look like you haven't done absolutely nothing.
Know when to call it a night! It's easy to get carried away on nights out. "Just a few drinks down the union" can quickly (and usually does) become much, much more. Knowing when to say enough is enough is actually quite a tough skill to acquire, and takes some good and solid will power. One way of attempting to control yourself is to go to the cash machine and only take out as much money as you’re happy to spend. When that runs dry, head home.
The Universe (ity) is yours!!!...

  1. Always remember your top priority is to study study and study!!!
  2. Make friends Very Very carefully!!! Because Good friends will pull you through any bad day..!!!
  3. Get Good amount of sleep so that you don't doze in class...
  4. ALWAYS make detailed notes..
  5. Remember Exercise improves learning..
  6. Drink lots of water as proper hydration will keep the mind active.
  7. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Think Positive!!!

Surround yourself with people with the same goals as you
Don't party too much , it seems fun but 20 years from now you will have wished you paid more attention to the learning aspects of college life.
Go your own way.
Get work experience where you can. ...
Respect deadlines. ...
Develop a regular sleeping pattern. ...
Grades do count in first year! ...
Try a society. ...
Plan ahead. ...
If you know, you know…
Stay disciplined, know when to say No, and be very articulate and very dogmatic about your associations.
  1. Attend orientations,
  2. Make good friends,
  3. Go to class,
  4. Meet your lectures, professors and academic adviser,
  5. Have a balance universities life ( avoid wild parties and excess ones),
  6. Find the ideal place for you to study,
  7. Target good grades,
  8. Take advantage of the study resources on campus and avoid procrastinating,
  9. Stay healthy
  10. Seek help, professional help when needed.