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What are your video game recommendations? ūüéģūüéģ

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I mostly play Multiplayer games so will include only multiplayer games.
  1. Age of Empires 2 - One of the best strategy games. In Online gaming you will have tons of special scenario maps to play. You never get bored. Check this game out by TheviperAOC - Tower Rush Mastapiece .
  2. Counter Strike 1.6 - Nothing to say about 1.6. Check these God kills CS 1.6 Top Kills 2012 .
  3. Rise of Nations - Better and Faster than Age of Empires but not popular enough. It has nukes as well. Multiple strategies to play with.
  4. FIFA - FIFA after 2011 is great. Awesome graphics, realistic play and great online community. It is huge hit in online multiplayer games. Watch this skill moves , they are better than the real game.
Other uncommon games I play
  1. Yu-gi-oh Power of chaos - If you are Yu-gi fan then this is an awesome strategy card game.
  2. Plague Inc. - Real-time strategy simulation game in which you have to destroy the world.
1. PUBG and Fortnite
2. Before Speed Internet MiniMilitia was Very Famous.
3. Clash of Clans
4. Counter Strike, Sniper Ghost Warrior and Far Cry PC games.
FUEL- apocalyptic open world. Great gameplay. Its about racing! wide range of vehicles and types.
TEKKEN- Still the best arcade gameplay according to me.
RISE OF NATIONS EXTENDED EDITION- Best strategy game ever played. Fast gameplay and love it.
COUNTER STRIKE- I know PUBG is a great game but CS is unbeatable.
NFS PROSTREET- A game that is more like a professional simulator for any automotive freak. Best one from NFS.

PUBG is my current favourite. It is awesome try it
Resident Evil 2 remake
Red Dead Redemption 2
Devil May Cry
Warning:- play it only for 1 hour a day! Don't be slave of PUBG.
Be your own boss.
Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Release date: January 25 (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch)
Not many masocore platformers are designed so that your seemingly endless string of deaths serves as a tie-in for a larger metaphor about overcoming depression and anxiety, but Celeste manages to do it artfully. Playing as Madeline, determined to summit the mountain Celeste, your pixelated character dashes, wall jumps, and climbs through the levels of the pseudo-haunted pastel 2D world, fighting the physical embodiment of her self-doubt, on her difficult, introspective journey to self-actualization. There are hidden rooms to find and strawberries, crystal hearts, and mixtapes to collect, but none of those things really matter in the end: Celeste is about celebrating screen-sized accomplishments and wearing your death count as a badge of learned honor. Throw in the year’s best musical score by Lena Raine and you have a pixel art classic that’s here to make the video game world a better place.