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What are your views on feminism? Is it really about equal rights or something else?

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Idea behind feminism is about being fair in different aspects of life, which will unable both the gender to develop their thought process at a similar level. And what is fair can't be perceived as equal sometimes as shown below..
I think the intent behind the movement is good to highlight women issues and need for equal rights. But, the way they are executing is only creating more problems and making our society more divided.
It has become similar to the identity politics where someone has to be identified with a group and playing the victim card
  1. I am of certain religion and I am being more oppressed than other religions.
  2. I am of certain race and I am being more oppressed than other races.
  3. I am of certain age and I am being more oppressed than other age groups.
Secondly, people are applying same solutions in different cultures without looking into the history for the current social setup.
Thirdly, people forget that make and female are very different both physically and mentally which brings some advantages/disadvantages to both in certain situations.

And yeah, the whole branding of the movement should be around humanism and not feminism if we want to have equal rights for everyone.
Feminism says Equal Rights and Opportunities for both Men and Women in All Fields and Sectors.

This is a Controversial Topic which is Hated by Many Women And Men.

Anybody Would Agree Equal Opportunities for Both Men and Women but not Equal Rights.
First of all, if they wanted equality then they already failed when they called it 'feminism'. The main point it they want women to be treated as equals with men. The problem is that feminists are too aggressive with their campaign and end up trying to prove how women superior to men.
It about humanity trying so hard to fix the damage of using only half the brain for all this years ( and only the logic side). poor humanity
Feminism is about treating all people equally, regardless of gender. This means identifying areas in society where there is undue bias against women (or men) and working to make it even. There is a lot of backlash against feminism, because people see it as a threat. It is an aspect of progress and as such it faces resistance.
Tbh, feminism is about equal rights but most women interpret is as making women superior to men.
I think it's about respecting the females in your community, the way you respect your mother or sister.
It's that simple.
I think most women are confused when it comes to equal rights. If it is so then women will lose their feminine side as they will definitely act, dress and talk like men.
Today’s feminist movement is more diverse than ever before. Feminism has become more attentive to the wider range of experiences of those oppressed by gender norms and stereotypes, including men, non-binary and trans people.

There’s also greater awareness of the way that racism, anti-religious hatred, disablism or homophobia work alongside sexism, creating complex forms of prejudice and oppression. It’s not so much that feminism has moved “beyond” sexism. Rather, a wider range of voices is now being counted as feminist.