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What can Masmic learn from Quora/Reddit?

As we slowly bring new features on Masmic, what features would you like to see here which you currently like on Quora/Reddit?

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1. I want to be recognized for providing Good Advices. So give Opportunity to build Profile so that Users could Share it in their Professional Life too.

2. Brave Browser is Trying to implement Paid Ads so that Users can also make money for watching Ads.

If you ever bring Ads on this Platform I would like see that feature.

You can Find Brave Here : https://brave.com/ico348


What I really like on Reddit is the originality of some of the subReddit: I'm thinking about subReddits like r/surethatsathing, r/unexpected, r/beAmazed and a lot more. People are stimulated by the platform to share their original post because they can find easily other people with the same interest.

We can do the same thing here on Masmic, we should have a category for everything.

Need for reporting link to link bad or unwanted answers or to remove wrong facts

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Well, Maybe Karma Score or Good credit score so the person who answers and posts a lot gains more karma and becomes trusted, but call the karma Masmic Points or Masmicos.

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