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What conspiracy theories do you believe in?

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The United States has an operating Space Force and has had it for a long, long time. Bringing our space force out of the black operations and making it an official branch of the US military is the first step in legitimizing/declassifying work they've been doing in the program for the past 40 years.
On Tuesday, June 11, 1985 President Reagan recorded in his diary that he had lunch with "5 top space scientists" and they informed him that our shuttle capacity was such that we could orbit 300 men. In 1985 we had two space shuttles, each seats 8 astronauts. This is not classified data. His diary is available to the public at his presidential library and even online. You can read that exact page from his diary online from the Reagan Foundation HERE.

Classified aircraft developed as black projects remain classified until they are accidentally unveiled by an enemy (like the U2 being shot down) or until the technology is outdated, we already have better technology that is classified to take its place. Once we have superior technology, we unveil the old technology to the world as it no longer matters if an enemy nation figures out how to equal it. It is inferior to our newer, classified technology. The F-117 Nighthawk was developed in 1974 and remained a black project, classified aircraft until 1988. It was 14 years before this aircraft was officially acknowledged to exist and unveiled. It's first officially acknowledged combat took place in 1989. 1989 is also the year the world first began seeing and taking pictures of the black triangle aircraft (THIS one). To this date this aircraft remains classified, it's existence unacknowledged despite hundreds of thousands of people seeing it (including myself in 2011) and people taking pictures of it. The reason to declassify the Nighthawk in 1988 and acknowledge it's existence was simple, it was outdated technology at that point. The stealth technology of the F-117 had been surpassed by that of the new triangle aircraft that also has technology that allows it to move slow enough to seemingly hover and to leave Earth's atmosphere.

This is why NASA has been unable to get any real funding and the shuttle program was scrapped.
NASA is not a military agency. It doesn't have access to classified military data or technology. Our government was not going to keep throwing billions upon billions of dollars at a shuttle program when we already had these classified space capable aircraft. They would be held accountable for wasting the money the day these aircraft are declassified. The public understands the need to keep weaponry and aircraft classified. If the government tells we citizens of their existence they are also telling all enemy nations of their existence and of the possibility of their creation. What the public wouldn't understand is why these government officials would keep funding NASA's shuttle program, wasting who knows how many billions or trillions of dollars they would waste before this aircraft is declassified, instead of simply cancelling it (as they rightfully did). If the government had continued funding a shuttle program, not only would they have been wasting untold amounts of tax dollars they would have been risking human lives continuing to send astronauts into space in decades old technology because they couldn't share their classified technology with NASA. Once these aircraft are declassified, the government would have had a nightmare on their hands answering for continuing the shuttle program had they done so.
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1% of the population controls 80% of the worlds wealth.
That the US government was in some way involved with the 9/11 attacks. Or at least aware of it before it happened.
Women's clothes (pants in particular) don't have practical pockets, if any pockets at all, just so the fashion industry can sell purses and handbags thus earning more money

I really believe in two conspiracy theories:

  1. That there are Extra terrestrial biological entity aka aliens residing on earth at this point in time.
  2. That there was really no plane crashing into the World Trade Centres and that it was a government conspiracy. Check this out - http://911truth.org/
I do believe in intelligent life besides humans, hopefully we will survive long enough to stop having so much war.
I also believe that corporate greed is ruining our environment, we need to take responsibility now for what we produce and for our waste so our children and many future generations can live woth clean air and water.
There should not be developmentally dangerous chemicals on the food, water, and public parks etc.
maube there is a conspiracy to make us sick to get big pharmaceutical money, or to kill us off, but we need to take control at community levels and ban round up or gmo’s. Whatever your cause is, choose a good one and fight for it.
Honestly to none...
Jordan was forced to retire the first time
I am Flat earther. Biggest conspiracy theory is that ' earth is round'. Other theories revolving around it are gravity, earth, sun, stars and moon is rotating. This has gone to such an extent that all scientists and science professionals believe in it. NASA, Government and all other agencies have done a great job in fooling and manipulating us.

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As Lord says 'Let there be light.'