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What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?

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I don't understand why people always expect more and why aren't they just happy with what they got? Personally, I'm a very happy man. I have a wonderful wife, three daughters and we are all healthy. I couldn't be happier. True, so wouldn't mind having a million dollars and a house on the beach, but that doesn't mean that I'm not happy.
Besides, the old saying says: a healthy man has plenty of wishes, but an unhealthy man has only one - to be healthy. So, be happy with your life.
100 million dollars ūüėĀ

Just kidding .. money can't buy happiness.

Answer would be Nothing stands between me and complete happiness because you can be Happy at any moment. It all depends on how you perceive it.

My ridiculous expectations.
Be it from a friend, a special someone, a relative or a family member.
CHASING happiness is one thing and that's exactly what we do when we impose certain standardised and ridiculously unattainable expectations on other entities in our lives without considering the fact that they're as clueless and messed up as we are in terms of unriddling reality and obtaining a little clarity about what they want from other people in their lives.
But CHOOSING happiness is just another story.
I say, don't run after it, but rather stand still in a garden full of pine trees with a little sunshine beaming through their branches and let it shine on you instead.
Be exactly where you are and let happiness find you, my friend.
’Cause no matter how hard you try to shuffle through this materialistic world, it is those little unnamed moments that have the power to light up your entire world.
And that abundant light is shining immensely inside you, you just need to recognise it again.
There's always soemthing standing in the way of my happiness. Sometimes, I can control or change it. Other times, it's out of my hands. I try to accept them as they come. There's no use in whining about it.
While its true it in and of itself does not buy happiness, I'd be really happy to travel the world climbing mountains, kayaking down raging rivers
My Job and tension of survival.

If these two things are removed from life , I can live life with happiness ....
Time and money
Awareness, Acceptance and Detachment..
Money. While its true it in and of itself does not buy happiness, I'd be really happy to travel the world climbing mountains, kayaking down raging rivers, long distance hiking, etc.