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What do you feel about nationalism? Isn't it an agenda to stereotype people on the basis of which piece of land are they on?Why do you think it's a relevant mode of living on this planet?

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“The Age of Nations is past. The task before us now, if we would not perish, is to build the Earth.”
-- Teilhard de Chardin
It used to be nationalism that drove Hitler closer to eradicating Jews, and it was once additionally nationalism that allowed the Vietnamese humans to outlive a good 200 years of imperial struggle. So it may be utilized in excellent ways and bad approaches. The best way I see it, nationalism is a good philosophy for banding persons together in occasions of difficulty.But it is so simply abused and profligated that i am weary of nationalistic figures. I believe humanitarianism is a way more healthy philosophy to undertake.
People should be proud of the land from where they belong. Their culture,value , traditions have a whole history so a sense of connectedness is there.
But now we see people hating other people becuase they're from different nation of just because someone pointed out negative thing about their nation.

From what i see ... People in power use nationalism to manipulate people get some votes.

How to live on this planet ?
Respect the land you come from. Respect others who come from different land. Let's learn fro. Each other rather than hating on each other
Nationalism is not an Agenda, it's an Identity.

Maybe some Political Parties are using it for Publicity and show that they are Nationalists and they care more about People of the Land. If it is Having positive effect on people why not Propagate Nationalism, it's better than Spreading Religion.
Their will be communal Hormony and No Hate among People. Their is Always need for some emotional Bond which keeps All United and better be Nationalism.✌️
Nationalism is just another form of collectivism which views people as groups rather than unique individuals. Collectivism doesn't have to be a bad thing but in it's most common forms like nationalism, racism and sexism it certainly is.

"The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." - Ayn Rand
I disagree. It is not an agenda in any way. It is the spirit of belonging and love for the place that you belong to. Why should we see nationalism as negative? Isn't it a good thing to be proud of your country and fight to defend it? If it weren't for our ancestors fighting for that piece of land we might have never been born. So, have some pride and be grateful with what you possess.
I think nationalism is fine as long as it doesn't go to the point of I'm __ nationality and that makes me better than you because you are not. Being proud of your culture is a good thing and something that all countries should strive for, but you should also keep it humble
I agree it's an agenda to stereotype peopl
Nationalism has its own advantages and flaws.
Being part of a nation will make the people around you more united, There will be a strong bond between the people, even you all land up in a different country.

Of course like no one is wrong, I wound disagree on your point, but lets not call it an agenda to stereotype. Most of the people born in a country are surrounded by people of their culture, they grow up in that culture, gradually learning more about it, as they grow.

this culture is very important.
Lets suppose, they go to a different country, having a different culture.

If the agenda of nationalism was to stereotype people based on the piece of land they were on, those people going on to other countries would have waged a war against those, and prove who is more powerful, to establish their culture in that part of the world they set foot on.

It happened in history, but things are changing. Right now, we are slowly transitioning into an age where we mutually respect each culture, and even mix different cultures from different parts of the world, so that everyone can live peacefully.

(But there are a lot of factors, hope you got my basic point :D)
I think it's important to care about where you are from and it's just very natural. it happens on a local level too, people fall in love with sports teams in their own area.