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What do you genuinely just not understand?

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The fight over religion and petty politics. We are a few billion people on a rock which luckily has the conditions for life. Our time on this planet is limited. This world has undergone so many changes over billions of years. We don't realise how limited our time is. We fight on silly issues over Twitter posts or fb comments. We walk on a planet that has had so many different sources which lived and perished over a course of millions of years. The continents shifted. Ice age happened. And here we are today wasting our time on politics and religion. If you just look a bit more openly and with a clear mind one can realise we are on a planet that is one among possibly billions of them in the universe. Who knows what else is there. For all we know there could be several universes. We have been stuck in a bubble which we feel comfy to be in but have lost the view of the real picture.

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Riots based on religion. Religion is supposed to offer peace. This is completely senseless.

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It's our LIFE man. It takes us to destiny which you can't even think of ..

Most people will say Religion, politics, reservation, bias, etc. But I understand all of them. They are either there for power or to unite.

What I simply do not understand is the need for having kids.

  1. We live in an over populated planet.
  2. Fees and expenses are very expensive, having a kid is like taking a loan you can never repay.
  3. Human beings of today can take care of themselves, be independent or pay for a good place to be taken care of at. Why make kids do it for us?
  4. The entire economy is crashing and you literally have only one in a billion chance of creating a progeny that can save the planet. Unless you are 100% sure you can create the next Elon Musk, don't make babies.

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Something always goes wrong.

No matter how much learning, preparation & simulation one does, at the time of action, something or other always goes wrong. It never gets perfected. There is always one unpredictable hidden variable in the equation. No matter what that variable is, it gets visible after it takes its course. We as a human then make sense of it using all the knowledge we have to make ourselves feel in control.

Something or other no matter how small or insignificant always goes wrong. I don't understand why this happens every single time.

Quantum physics


The importance of philosophy and some human behavior.

This is easy. People.

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  3. LAW

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