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What do you think about Bandersnatch?

Bandersnatch is the new Netflix film, with multiple choices and different endings.
I've already seen something similar in videogames like The wither, but this is the first time that it is used in films.
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let me preface this by saying that it might not make too much sense, i’m writing this at 2 am and i spent the last few hours watching the show over and over again. i also originally wrote this to text it to a friend, that’s why contains no real examples, for the sake of spoiling the whole thing. but anyways, here we go:
the movie/episode/game, whatever it is, has been and still is being described as something like a “choose your own adventure” story i got hyped after hearing this because i loved those books as a kid and still do to this day. however instead of letting you do what you want to do, and to truly choose your storyline/adventure; it feels more like the movie is coaxing you into picking the path that it wants you to take it doesn’t directly say it, but many choices are clearly considered “wrong” a lot of the choices are too insignificant, and other ones extremely major however the extremely major choices have no real effect on the viewer because the viewer cannot really relate to the protagonist’s problems and when the viewer chooses a choice defined as “wrong”, the show lets them choose between two different plot events, and forces them to sit through footage they’ve already watched, or pick the event that they most likely don’t want to do and when the viewer is forced to re-watch some scenes, it seems fine for the first couple times, but after a little bit, it gets extremely annoying. you’ll come to find that after rewatching, you a brought back to a quick time event choice in which you don’t like either option, or you are so disconnected from the protagonist’s struggles that you really don’t care what option you pick, just as long as you get it over with
TLDR; had high expectations going in, overall structure of the piece wasn’t amazing, but functioned well enough 6/10
I saw it last week with my girlfriend. We are avid watchers of Black mirror, having seen all of the episodes, some even multiple times. I thought it was a very effective episode. Based on the story, there were certainly better episodes than this, but when you add the interactivity, it becomes one of the most memorable things I have seen on TV, ever.
The illusion of choice is quite excellent, as basically the author guides us to a conclusion, while making us choose via the timer. There is a lot that can be said about the key issues, especially considering the monologue about Pac Man that one of the characters says while under the influence of drugs. I tend to agree with his statements about how life can be like a maze.
In short, I recommend everyone to watch it.
A revolutionary idea that will hopefully bring a lot of fresh air to this sector.
Bandersnatch is really impressive, and brings a new movie era to life. We'll see movies and video games converge even more in the coming years.
I really liked it! It reminded me of the goosebumps series books I read as a kid where you can choose different routes! Must have been a pain to film though!