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What do you think about EOS cryptocurrency?

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It's good, EOS is competing with Cardano. EOS does not require users to spend money (gas) on each transaction
EOS is the only blockchain that has solved the scalability problem and can handle millions of transactions per second.
EOS already has a growing ecosystem of DAPPS built on it
Developers define EOS as an operating system made for businesses to construct Blockchain applications as a replacement for web-apps while retaining similar structural principles. There are two main things about EOS that make this platform stand out from all the other Blockchain projects.

1. The first is the absence of transactions fees due to an ownership model where is entitled to use network resources equivalent to his stake without the need of paying for every transaction. This ownership model makes it possible to manage your costs before getting involved in the system, predicting the amount of stake required to manage your business.
2. The second advantage is the scalability, with a promised operating power of millions of transactions per second.
It’s also an important feature that EOS doesn’t require a hard fork to make big
changes within the network. All the decisions can be made by supermajority without
polling the whole Blockchain.

EOS is a decentralized operating system based on blockchain technology. It is designed to support of decentralized applications on a commercial-scale by giving all the required core functionalities. These enable businesses to build the blockchain applications in a manner that stays similar to that of web-based applications.
This blockchain network has also claimed to remove transaction fees and conduct millions of transactions within a second.
It has a few major notable tech designs, such as DPoS consensus, 100,000+ TPS, zero transactional fees, ability to alter codes , etc.

I’m not a fan due to the bad publicity and questionsble governsnce. Now my view may not be entirely accurate but “public perception” is a key dynamic as to whether something will be successful or not.
EOS is a new type of blockchain built on graphene architecture. The same team which built Steemit and Bitshares.
They are currently undergoing their ICO which is a year long, they are raising funds via Ethereum and distributing ERC20 tokens.
They are a competitor of Ethereum.
I think it is a solid top 5 crypto. It does not require you to pay for transaction fees and developers can build dApps using their platform
According to Wallet Investor, EOS is one of the rare cryptocurrencies that would be a great choice for investment. Its team believes that EOS will reach $911 by 2023.
Not true decentralization.power remains with 21 nodes is a major concern
Partially decentralised cryptocurrency and platform to build dapps with no transaction fee
EOS.IO is a blockchain protocol powered by the native cryptocurrency EOS. ... EOSIO operates as a smart contract platform and decentralized operating system intended for the deployment of industrial-scale decentralized applications through a decentralized autonomous corporation model.